Monday, May 30, 2011

i'm still here!

Hi all
just updating you from by the pool in lovely Rome, italy
I am half way through my 28 day tour of europe and am loving every second of it
so far i've been to paris, nice, avignon, barcelona, florence, swiss alps and rome

the highlight of my trip so far has to be my amazing sky dive from a helicopter over the swiss alps! i had never done anything like it and it was the most liberating thing i have ever done. the weight limit was 90kg and i am well under that! if i hadnt lost the weight i would have never been able to do such an awesome thing!

unfortunately i am enjoying european food way too much
i know my band is way too loose and i havent really been following the rules
i have been walking so much and there are so many stair climbs here so hopefully i will at least maintain my weight. when i get back to malta in 3 weeks i will once again start focusing on my weight loss but right now i am just trying to enjoy it to the full!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm in Europe!

Hi everyone
Just to let you know I've made it to Malta safe and sound!
Dubai was amazing, such a lovely place.
Malta is gorgeous. The weather is great and the place where we live is amazing...just a minute walk to the beach :)
I'm doing well with my food. I had a little bit of restriction in Dubai...probably because of the plane. We walked lots in Dubai and tried to eat really well.
We have a scale in our flat but I don't think it's correct so i think I might invest in a good one.
Here are some pictures :)
hope everyone is well!