Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's time to tell the truth...

Hi my name's alyce and I'm a failure
I have been rather quiet on here and it's because I've had a four month binge and have lost all control
I started a new full time job in January and since then I have been working hard and have put my weightloss on the backburner.

Today I finally went back to the clinic to face my doctor
Luckily I was booked in to see a new doctor (who is lovely!)
I jumped on the scales and of course I had gained weight...and a lot of it.
10kg to be exact...and that's since december

I am so ashamed and disgusted but luckily the doctor I saw was really understanding and so so helpful. I haven't felt any restriction at all...eating steaks and bread is like eating slider foods!
I give no excuses. I ate like a pig and this is what I have to accept.

But I'm ready to start again.
My clothes aren't fitting properly and that's what hurts the most. As much as noone has told me to my face that they can notice I've gained, I know they are thinking it.

I really would love to get back in to blogging again and I know you will support me