Thursday, March 31, 2011

Port Pain?

I just got home from work (where I had to stand up at a register for 4 hours)
Everytime I coughed/sneezed my port area would feel really tight and then I would move around a bit and it would relax
It doesn't hurt, it's just a bit uncomfortable at the time
Has anyone else experienced this?

Note to self

Never get too excited about a loss + don't update your ticker until weigh in day

Gahh I was so excited that one day this week the scale showed 89.7kg
It didn't, however, show me that this morning for my official weigh in

My weight is coming off so so so slowly these days

Last weeks weight: 90.3kg
This weeks weight: 89.9kg

Loss of 0.4kg (0.88lbs)

I know it's my fault
I'm eating crap, not exercising and I drank way too much this weekend
But it's so frustrating!

Monday, March 28, 2011

A newly discovered before photo

I was sifting through the family computer and came across this hideous photo
I look like a moron because I had just come off the slide
Cannot believe I used to look like this
Definitely gives me some much needed motivation to kick ass!

May be too soon to celebrate but...

goodbye 90's!!

Snuck in a weigh in this morning and it read 89.9kg (197.78lbs) each of the three times I tried :P
I have not been in the 80's for about 5 years and it feels amazing
That makes my total loss so far: 36.7kg (80.7lbs)
I love saying "I've lost 80lbs" Even if no one here can calculate how much it is!

So much awesome things happened last week
The best thing in the world happened on Thursday. I walked into a shop[ called Glassons. It's a very girly, on trend shop. But it's one of the very few that stock up to a size 16. The girl in there was super nice (have you noticed that when you lose a bit of weight shop assistances are actually willing to help you out?). Anyways I had my eye on two gorgeous dresses. I have become so much more comfortable in my body now that I go straight to the dresses rather than sticking to loose fitting tops and jeans! The one dress I really loved was only available in a size 14 but I tried it on anyways...and it fit! I was basically dancing in the change rooms :P I bought two of the dresses and wore them out on Friday and Saturday.

This weekend has been amazing!
My sister and I had organised our going away events a bit early, but we're glad we did
On Friday we held our going away dinner with friends. We went to Taco Bill and had way too many margaritas. One thing that frustrates me about the band is that when I go out I have to decide whether I want to eat or whether I want to drink. On Friday I decided to drink and I had a little bit of guacamole to nibble on just in case people asked why I wasn't eating. Afterwards we went to a local club and I drank some more =S lol

On Saturday we went out with all our cousins. My sister and I are the youngest cousins out of the 30 something first cousins we have so we were always the spoilt ones :P We went to Williamstown (if you are ever in Melbourne you must go there!). The dinner menu was awesome, cheap yet the meals were not that band friendly. They had some nice pasta options but they refused to sell me the entree size. When the waitress came around to see whether anyones finished she seriously gave me a nasty look and asked why I had barely eaten any of my meal! She was such a bitch! I don't have to explain to anyone. I told her that because they hadn't allowed me to get entree size that they would simply have to throw it all out and it was such a waste. It wasn't my fault!! After dinner we went to Karaoke, which was hilarious! My sister and I had put our names down to sing two songs...but they ended up already being taken so we just gave up and left.

Here are a few pictures:
These are the two dresses I bought (sorry about the crap quality!)

This is my sister, my best friend and I:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This week's weigh in

Last week: 90.8kg (199.76lbs)

This week: 90.3kg (198.66lbs)

Total loss: 0.5kg (1.1lbs)

Decent loss considering I didn't exercise, didn't drink enough water and didn't eat right at all

I don't know why I keep sabotaging myself
I have a goal, I have a deadline but I still don't work for it

I have been really sick all week and it is TOM
So let's hope that this week my eating will return to normal and I can get back on track

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I don't have an ass...

Well sort of :P
Found these pictures from early post op and was shocked to see how far my ass stuck out!
Love seeing comparisons...especially at times like these where I'm barely losing

Monday, March 21, 2011

Stomach ache =(

Oh man I have had the worst stomach ache for the last two days
I have know idea where it's coming from but I hope it hasn't got anything to do with the band
Yesterday I slept fine and thought it was gone
Then the minute I started eating breakfast I've just been feeling sick all day
It's hard to explain but it feels like cramps but all over my stomach, not just in one spot
Has anyone felt this before?
I don't think going to the doctor would be much help because I just can't define what I'm feeling
Food is still able to go down though, so I don't think it would be a slipped band

Saturday, March 19, 2011

NSV but not doing well

First of all...I just cannot stop eating
Seriously if I'm not working then I am sitting at home eating crap
I don't want to get a fill because I know I won't be able to eat in Europe
But I just have no will power right now
When I'm overseas I'm sure I'll be so tight on money that I won't be able to afford junk
But I don't want to gain weight before I even get to Europe
Blahhh it feels just like bandster hell again

Anyways to my NSV...
I have had this dress hung up on my wall since I got banded
It's size 12 and I only wore it once when I was 18, the last time I'd lost some weight
I'm pretty sure when I last wore it I was somewhere between 70-80kg
I'm currently around 90kg and it zipped all the way up!
It's fairly stretchy around the bust and really flowy, so I'm kind of ignoring the size (I'm not even a size 14 yet!)
It is perfect for when I go away. Such a summery dress
Woooo go me :P

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Disappointing week :(

Didn't lose anything at all this week...not even 100 grams!
I'm a bit concerned now about my travels and whether I can still lose overseas
I still have restriction but I wish I had more
I won't be getting anymore fills before I leave because I don't want to risk being too tight
But I'm really going to have to work hard now at watching what I eat and working out
I know that when I'm away I will have chances to indulge, but I'll also be walking heaps and swimming and basically moving alot more than I do here
Hopefully this is just a plateau

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Old photos make me sad

I came across these photos and was overcome by sadness
These were taken in March 2010, 1 year ago

I don't recognise that girl
I cannot fathom the thought of being her
I feel sorry for her
I can tell she was hurting

I am forever grateful for my band and am so happy with my progress. Even if I plateau or my weight loss slows down, I will always be happy with how far I've come

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Half way to goal and under 200lbs!

Woah that was quick
This morning I weighed in at 90.8kg (199.76lbs!!!!)
I lost 1.1kg this week which I think is great because I really didn't try hard. The only thing I did differently was work everyday

And this morning I am EXACTLY half way to goal
My ticker says: 35.8kg lost, 35.8kg to go!
How awesome is that
Hopefully I'll be at my goal by my 23rd birthday next January

Today I am going to my fill doctor
I don't really need to go but she wanted to make sure that my fill level was good
I'm pretty happy with where I'm at
I can eat most foods but I can't eat too much
I'm sure that I'll be fine at this level when I go away

Today is just so exciting!
Only 5.8kg to go before I get to my 85kg before Europe goal

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Don't hate me...

For bragging!

But I just took a picture of a little tunic I bought today and damn I look thin!

Feeling so good right about now! Can't wait to wear this baby out


Today we went to some outlet shops and it was awesome!
For once I actually enjoyed shopping because I'm starting to fit into "normal" sized clothes
I desperately needed some new jeans because the ones I were wearing were getting way too big and looked horrible
I was actually starting to feel a bit down because I just didn't look good in them anymore
Anyways I found some awesome (yet cheap!) jeans that I really loved. They were in a size 16 and I was getting a bit worried that they wouldn't fit and they wouldn't have any bigger
After scouring the whole store to find a bigger pair I was lucky enough to stumble upon a size 18 pair!
Went to the fitting room and just decided to try on the size 16s just in case I might have been lucky enough to fit into them
To my surprise they fit perfectly! Even just a little too big!!
Best feeling in the world!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Review of my goals

On December 23 2010 I set the following three goals for myself:

1. My 22nd birthday (31st Jan 2011)39days until my birthday...about 5.5weeks. Hoping to get down to about 95kg by then. Seems possible, only 3.6kg to go :)

2. Soundwave music festival(4th March 2011)...every year my sister and I go to this all day music fest called Soundwave. Last year we went to the Melbourne Show and Sydney Show and by the end of it I was exhausted. Next year I don't want to have to take time outs because my legs were too tired. It's in 71 days...about 10 weeks. My goal is go get to around 90kg by then. 8.6kg to go.

3. Europe! (1st May 2011)...oh my lord it will be amazing. Especially because I won't be lugging around so much weight! In 129 days I will be sitting comfortably in my seat ready to take off. The heat will not bother me that much because I will be thinner and I will be able to keep up with everyone on the tour. In 129 days...about 18 weeks I'm hoping to be around the 85kg mark. 13.6kg to go :)

On my 22nd birthday I weight 95.6kg...I was 0.6kg off my goal so I think I just about accomplished it

Yesterday was the Soundwave festival. My goal was to be around 90kg by then. Today I weighed in at 91.6kg. I was 1.6kg off my goal. However, compared to last year, I was able to stand up and walk around for 11 hours straight and only sat down once. Big, Big difference from last year where I felt like I was about to collapse after the first few hours.

My next goal is to be around 85kg by Europe
We have exactly 8 weeks to go! I can't believe how quickly time is flying
To accomplish my goal, I need to lose another 6.6kg
I don't know whether I will accomplish that, but I am almost certain that I can at least lost 5 more kgs before I fly out

Such exciting times!

35 kg down

Feels good!

That's 77lbs


I'm feeling great, starting to like my body
I don't cringe as much when I'm undressing

Yesterday I went to an all day music festival
For the first time ever I was planning to wear shorts
But the weather wasn't great so I wore a pair of old jeans...but they were so baggy and annoying
It's a great feeling when clothes get too big
but it's also frustrating because my clothes look just as bad when they're too big!

I'm just glad that I'm still losing
I feel good at the fill level I'm at and I don't think I'll get an adjustment before I go to Europe

Life is great right now!