Thursday, March 10, 2011

Half way to goal and under 200lbs!

Woah that was quick
This morning I weighed in at 90.8kg (199.76lbs!!!!)
I lost 1.1kg this week which I think is great because I really didn't try hard. The only thing I did differently was work everyday

And this morning I am EXACTLY half way to goal
My ticker says: 35.8kg lost, 35.8kg to go!
How awesome is that
Hopefully I'll be at my goal by my 23rd birthday next January

Today I am going to my fill doctor
I don't really need to go but she wanted to make sure that my fill level was good
I'm pretty happy with where I'm at
I can eat most foods but I can't eat too much
I'm sure that I'll be fine at this level when I go away

Today is just so exciting!
Only 5.8kg to go before I get to my 85kg before Europe goal


amandakiska said...

Onderland! Great job!

Blossom said...


TheCurvyCat said...

Woohoo!! Congrats to you -- halfway there is an awesome milestone!!

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