Monday, March 19, 2012

Not enough calories?

Question to all you successful lap-banders...
do you lose more weight if you stick to 1000-1200 calories a day?
I have a feeling my crappy loss this week is because I am constantly eating very little calories
I've been tracking on myfitnesspal and my daily average intake is between 600-800 calories a day
Has anyone experienced this?
I keep thinking I'm doing the right thing by eating less calories but maybe it has the opposite affect?
I guess this week I shall experiment and I will try to hit a 1000 calorie intake everyday...hopefully I'll lose a bit more!

Shocking weigh in :(

I have done so well this week
I've been eating right, drinking water and have worked out
I am a scale whore so I've been checking daily and at one stage I was down 0.5kg but when I check this morning for my weekly weigh in, it says I'm only down 100gms
What's going on?!
It's so frustrating, I'm so disappointed in myself
Not having a good day :(

Thursday, March 15, 2012

One week since fill

and things are amazing!
I am finally losing and I'm feeling great
No PB's, no sickness
I'm very rarely hungry,
I eat about 1/2 cup of food at a time...over a long period of time
I drink lots and lots of water!
And I've been going to Zumba

...If I had done this all along I would have reached goal by now!!!

Weight this morning = 96.1kg
I don't remember how much I weighed on my scales but the doctor's scales showed 97.7kg...and I know that on my scales I was heavier than that so WOOOO!!!

Definitely feeling a lot jeans are already feeling looser!

Monday, March 12, 2012

10 week challenge

I am so motivated to lose the rest of this weight
I've been distracted for too long and was on the path of reversing my hard work
I have 35kg to lose to reach a "healthy" weight range and I know it's going to be difficult

I feel restriction
I haven't been eating much because for the first time I actually forgot to eat! I'm not feeling hungry and I'm not feeling too tight...hopefully I've found my sweet spot!

I've set myself a challenge to lose 10kg (22lbs) in 10 weeks
I know it's ambitious but I think I can get close

I guess it's time to admit my current weight... means I've gained a hell of a lot since being back from overseas :S
But now that I've admitted it I can get back on track

10 in 10 challenge stats:

HW- 126.6kg
CW- 96.5kg
GW for challenge- 86.5kg

Last weight in: 21st May 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New look for a new start :D

Life on the band front is good. I don't want to jinx myself but I think I'm at a good level of restriction. Still on soft foods for the weekend but I'm feeling in control and definitely feeling fuller for longer

Let's hope this weight starts dropping again!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fill & Loss!

Went for my fill today with yet another lovely new doctor

To my surprise I have lost 1.8kg since my fill last week :)
Very happy with that
I think though that the loss is due to loss of water weight and also the fact that I did liquids for most days this week so I was on a very low calorie diet which I can't possibly keep up with for more than a few days at a time

I did feel slight restriction but I was still very hungry most of the day so I decided to get another small fill of 0.4cc.
The doctor took all the fluid out to check the measurement so I now have 4cc in a 10cc band and hopefully this will be close to perfect!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Why did it take me this long to try it out?!
I loved it!!
Such an awesome work out
I'm going mondays and thursdays from now on
I love to dance and I think i'm pretty good....i probably looked like an idiot dancing away but i felt hot inside :P
When I reach goal I think I will learn salsa dancing and move to spain :P

By the way...
fill seems to be doing its job so far but it's too early to tell.

Todays intake:

- 2 x cappuccino (no sugar, light milk)
- optislim shake
- optislim and banana smoothie
- bacon, leek and potato soup
+ loads of water!

I feel in control so far