Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Searching for inspiration

Lately I've been watching alot of The Biggest Loser re-runs to get motivated
It's made me feel a little guilty about the fact that I have barely done any exercise and am still managing to lose weight
But I know I can't keep it up much longer
Seeing how hard the contestants work is making me realise how important exercise is
I seriously need someone to scare me, provoke me, push me to work hard
I think I need my own Jillian Michaels!
Sure I can jump on a treadmill, but I'll be walking at a very moderate pace for a much shorter time than I should be doing

How do you guys get motivated to move?
Who motivates you to work hard?

Oh an on a side note...
Have any of you turned slightly vegetarian since getting banded?
The thought of chicken or meat sickens me
I haven't had good experiences with chicken or red meat since banding
They are the kinds of foods that get me stuck no matter how small of a bite or how well I chew

What are you experiences?
Does it get easier to eat these foods again?

Monday, December 27, 2010


I bought a dress today
Haven't worn one since my 18th birthday
Such a good feeling :)
I don't think I've lost any weight this week
I didn't eat too much for Christmas but when I did eat, I ate alot of chocolate

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Weigh In :)

1.5kg down (3.3lb)
So happy with that
This week I've had a lot more restriction than normal, even without getting a fill
And I've been exercising a bit more

This now puts me down to 98.6kg (216.9lb)
I haven't been under 100kg in years
Such a good feeling :)
My total loss so far is 26.9kg (59.18lbs)

Life is excellent
I'm crushing on someone I work with but he's about 8 years older than me so it's just childish and probably won't go anywhere but it definitely makes me look forward to going to work :P

There are three events that I'm really looking forward to in the coming year

1. My 22nd birthday (31st Jan 2011) 21st was horrible. I was too insecure to party and I remember feeling so ugly and fat. My 22nd is going to make up for all the horrible birthdays I've had. 39days until my birthday...about 5.5weeks. Hoping to get down to about 95kg by then. Seems possible, only 3.6kg to go :)

2. Soundwave music festival(4th March 2011)...every year my sister and I go to this all day music fest called Soundwave. Last year we went to the Melbourne Show and Sydney Show and by the end of it I was exhausted. Next year I don't want to have to take time outs because my legs were too tired. It's in 71 days...about 10 weeks. My goal is go get to around 90kg by then. 8.6kg to go.

3. Europe! (1st May 2011)...oh my lord it will be amazing. Especially because I won't be lugging around so much weight! In 129 days I will be sitting comfortably in my seat ready to take off. The heat will not bother me that much because I will be thinner and I will be able to keep up with everyone on the tour. In 129 days...about 18 weeks I'm hoping to be around the 85kg mark. 13.6kg to go :)

This is also so exciting!
I am so motivated to keep losing to meet my goals
2011 will be amazing!! =)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not a fun visit to the Dr's

So after our work meeting today I decided to stick around and get one of the doctors to print me out a referral for a routine blood test
I hadn't taken blood since July before the surgery so I was hoping everything would be normal or even better than before I had lost weight
I'm going in for the test tomorrow morning
But while he was at it he decided to check my blood pressure
Apparently it's high =S
The nurse double checked it and it was also high for her
Dammit I thought losing weight would make me healthier!
I've never had a problem with it before, even when I was nearing 130kg
The nurse will check it again tomorrow morning but I'm trying not to stress

Friday, December 17, 2010

The scale is deceiving me

Hopped on the scale this morning to quite a nice surprise
I jumped on three different times in three different parts of the bathroom and it said the same weight everytime...

99.5kg! (218.9lb)

That's under 100kg and I haven't been this weight for years
It has definitely motivated me to eat better this week, I really want to get to 95kg before my birthday next month

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Only 100 gram loss =(

That's 0.22lbs
So disappointed
I know that I haven't been eating too well but I still thought I would have lost at least half a kilo
I called in to get a fill but they are closed until FEBRUARY!
I can't wait that long to get a fill


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hello, Hi!

I'm still alive!
Sorry I've been a horrible blogger
Just don't have too much to write about
I haven't been eating that well and I've hit a plateau
I'm waiting until after Christmas to go for a fill so I can start 2011 fresh and more determined as ever to prepare for Europe!
I have been taking lots and lots of photos though
I like going through my old clothes and seeing how they fit compared to pre-op

Here is an example:

June 2009

December 2010

I can actually wear the top how it was intended to be a dress!
However, my legs are still a bit too chunky to wear it without jeans/leggings

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ahh so close to double digits!

Official weigh in today was 100.2kg
Total loss of 25.3kg (55.66lbs)
Half way to my goal of 50kg lost!
It's pretty exciting

I'm actually learning to love my body
it has a really nice shape at the moment and I can see where I have lost fat
My legs however are still as stumpy as they've always been
It looks horrible being 5ft tall and having really short and chunky legs!
I cancelled my fill today which I don't regret one bit
My work Christmas party is tomorrow and it's at a Mexican restaurant so I'm not sure how many good food options I will have to choose from

My food choices are not so great at the moment
I barely eat anything all day
I just don't know what I can eat for main meals
I try to eat the same food as the family but sometimes it's just hard
I've been having alot of problems with chicken lately
I can only eat it if it is really moist and covered in sauce (most of the time the sauce/gravy is high in calories so I try not to eat chicken too much)
Everytime I try chicken it just gets stuck

All I had to eat today was 2 optifast shakes and a few dry crackers
I hate cooking and I just can't be bothered
If anyone has some really simple recipes that they recommend then please send them my way!

I have about 20 weeks until I go overseas so I'm hoping I can lose at least another 15kg (30lbs) before I leave. Sounds doable but we'll see

Monday, December 6, 2010

Big Weekend + Photos =D

Wow this weekend was a huge one
Two family parties in one weekend was exhausting
It was amazing to see everyone though
My cousin's wedding on Saturday was beautiful. It was outside in their yard, which was decorated beautifully with tea light candles and lanterns. This was their second wedding ceremony because they had previously gone to Thailand to get married but it wasn't technically legal when they came home. Such a simple ceremony but it was beautiful. Short and Sweet

My cousin's engagement on Sunday was tiring
Huge party, too many people, too much fuss
It was nice seeing the family though

One thing that I hate about big parties is that they were catered and it wasn't self serve. The caterers were there to serve the food, which drove me crazy!
They had so much food but I didn't want to risk getting stuck so I ate very little which I think drove the caterers mad because the lady was actually rude enough to say "Well you waited in line and that's all you're going to eat?" Ahhh why should they care?! I hate having to explain that I physically can't eat too much food at one time grrrrrrr

On the band front, I don't think I will go in for my fill on Wednesday
Last week I lost 800grams (1.76lbs) which I think is pretty decent
I don't want to lose too much too quickly and I haven't been getting stuck which is great
I might wait until the new year before I go back for an adjustment

Anyways here are some photos from my weekend :)

That's my younger sister and my dad. I'm such a daddy's girl

This is our cousin's daughter Shanice. She is amazing. 8 years old and so smart!

This is our cousin's daughter Brianna. Such a gorgeous girl

This is the gorgeous top I bought from Target. It's so girly, Love it! Hate my flabby arms though. I still insist on wearing a cardigan on a hot day.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Four Month Bandiversary!

Cannot believe that it has already been 16 weeks since Surgery
It feels like yesterday I was just waking up in recovery
Getting the surgery was the best decision I've ever made and I do not and will not ever regret going through it
I'm seeing my extended family on the weekend, for the first time since April this year and I'm hoping they'll notice the change

Here are some stats:

Starting Weight 16/7/2010 = 125.5kg (276.1lb)
Current Weight 02/11/2010 = 101.2kg (222.64lb)

TOTAL LOST - 24.3kg (53.46lb)

Measurements (cms):

July 2010 and November 2010