Monday, November 28, 2011

No loss but still working hard

This week I have really worked hard to lose some weight
I've worked out 4-5 times this week and it's still not showing on the scale
I'm hoping that it's all because it's that TOM
I have maintained the same weight all week and it's frustrating!
I'm not giving up though. I'm walking every day and doing weight training at home and I will be attending boot camp on saturday despite how painful it is!
I still feel that I need to get another band adjustment but I may wait it out until after christmas
I want to prove to myself that with self control and exercise I can lose this weight without having to constantly rely on my band
I'm going back to basics...chew chew chew, slow slow slow!

So as of today I am back to 92kg
In Europe the scale told me I was at 84kg...I don't feel like I have put on 10 effing kilos! My clothes still feel absolutely fine so I'm just hoping the scale was wrong!
I'm going to try and remember to post my weight every Monday

Saturday, November 26, 2011


so it's 8.45am on a saturday morning, everyone in my family is asleep and I just got home from a boot camp session in the rain!

My whole body aches!
I managed to somewhat keep up with all the skinny girls and I didn't quit...but I was so close to crying and chucking a tantrum!

Hopefully all this exercise pays off on the scale!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Amazing exercise NSV!

Okay so lately I've noticed an interesting trend...
I seem to be fitter than most of my skinner family and friends!

My sister is 20kg lighter than me and yet I am way way way more fit than her! she can't do a push up at all and I can manage a couple at a time if i really try

Today I went to my first ever personal training session and loved it!
I went with my best friend and her mum and we did circuit training
Our trainer had me running at 8kph and they were struggling to run at 6kph!
I definitely surprised myself because for once I wasn't out of breath or feeling like I was about to die!!
Then after the hour long session I went with a walk with my sister and I jogged part of the way and actually enjoyed it!

Hopefully I can keep this up! I have another PT session on Saturday and on other days I have promised my cousin that I would go walking with her

My weight still isn't going down though :(
I really don't know whats wrong
I know my restriction isn't all there and I am on my period at the moment so hopefully that's the reason for why I'm feeling really bloated these days
I've booked in for yet another fill tomorrow so fingers crossed that this will get my close to my sweet spot

Monday, November 21, 2011


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Proud! NSV :)

Just got back from a 1.5hour bush hike up and around a mountain!
At one stage I really really wanted to give up but I had no choice but to push through it
Such an awesome work out and there were amazing views from the top

I've been doing really well since the fill
I'm still a little hungry but I'm snacking on lots of fruit and veggies and have not had one single slice of bread!
Feeling really good about this week and if it doesn't show on the scale then i'm going to be really disappointed!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Stressful couple of weeks

I've been rather quiet lately and I apologise, but I have had the busiest and most stressful few weeks in my life

On the 11/11/11 my grandmother passed away
She was 92 and the strongest woman I know
The funeral was yesterday and for the past few days I have not even took notice of what I was eating and I have gained about 5kgs in the last month
I know it's not an excuse, but she was in hospital for the past four weeks and we had been staying at the hospital for days on end so vending machine junk was our only option!
It's a pity that hospitals don't offer healthy food options for visitors!

Some good news though...I have a new job!
I started working for the Mental Illness Fellowship on Monday and it's very different from my past jobs
I haven't done much yet but hopefully after christmas things will pick up

On the band front...I went for another fill yesterday
Since my unfill and slight refill I have not felt any restriction
I currently have about 2cc in my band now and I'm starting to feel some restriction and fullness
I'm trying to stick to liquids and softs and I've been feeling full on a small bowl of soup so that's a good sign!
Hopefully my weight starts dropping again soon!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not doing well

I've gained and I know why
Too much shit, no water and no exercise

I'm going for a fill next wednesday so I'm going to try a shake diet this week and lose a bit of the weight I've gained by my doctor is still going to be disappointed in me as much as I'm disappointed in myself

I have, however, discovered the joys of Quinoa and it is amazing
So delicious and such a better alternative to rice
If anyone has any quinoa recipes please send them my way!!
Hopefully it's as good for our health as people are claiming because I've been eating it every single day!