Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Amazing exercise NSV!

Okay so lately I've noticed an interesting trend...
I seem to be fitter than most of my skinner family and friends!

My sister is 20kg lighter than me and yet I am way way way more fit than her! she can't do a push up at all and I can manage a couple at a time if i really try

Today I went to my first ever personal training session and loved it!
I went with my best friend and her mum and we did circuit training
Our trainer had me running at 8kph and they were struggling to run at 6kph!
I definitely surprised myself because for once I wasn't out of breath or feeling like I was about to die!!
Then after the hour long session I went with a walk with my sister and I jogged part of the way and actually enjoyed it!

Hopefully I can keep this up! I have another PT session on Saturday and on other days I have promised my cousin that I would go walking with her

My weight still isn't going down though :(
I really don't know whats wrong
I know my restriction isn't all there and I am on my period at the moment so hopefully that's the reason for why I'm feeling really bloated these days
I've booked in for yet another fill tomorrow so fingers crossed that this will get my close to my sweet spot


Sam said...

Congrats on the exercise :o) I have found that as well. And don't worry, keep up the exercise and the weight will start to fall again, it just takes a little while for your body to relise that you are going to continue with the work outs :o)

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