Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm home and feeling fantastic!

Hi everyone
I am now officially banded :D
I feel great and so glad it's all over
Here's a recap of how it went...

Yesterday dad took me to the hospital at 8.15am
We waited in the day stay ward until about 11.30am when they called me into theatre
The surgeon, anaesthetist and nurses were amazing
I was terrified of the IV, but it didn't hurt one bit!
I got wheeled into theatre at about 12.30 because the surgeon had a bit of a problem with the patient before me
Got a bit nervous in the theatre but everyone was so great
The anaesthetist and his assistant told me I would feel a cool sensation through my body and a bit of liquid in my mouth....

And then I was awake in recovery!
The recovery nurses were wonderful. I woke up pretty much straight away and started chatting to them and smiling thanking them all that it was over
The surgeon said everything went as planned and it was an easy procedure so I guess optifast did it's work :P
Although I was a bit groggy, I was still able to have a conversation with the nurses, and my recovery nurse said I was her favourite patient all week because I hadn't tried to attack her or swear at her as I woke up

I vaguely remember seeing dad as they wheeled me into my room but I did sleep for a few hours once I was settled in

I had/have aboslutely NO SHOULDER PAIN! I kept asking the nurses why and they said that I was one of the lucky ones
The best way to explain how my stomach felt was like the day after you do sit ups or crunches and your stomach muscles ache

I only got up twice through the night to go pee and I was able to drink about half a litre of water throughout the night with no problems whatsoever
The most uncomfortable part was just changing positions in bed because my port site was still a bit tender

I have 4 incisions...3 under my boobs and one just a bit under them for my port
My only complaint is the gas I can feel in my chest
It hurts trying to burp it (or fart it :P) out!
The only time I had pain meds was just as I was being discharged. I didn't ask for them but they did help a bit

Breakfast this morning was a glass of apple juice and they gave me jelly but I only had about a tablespoon of it

So there you have it...I am now an official bandster!!
Thank you all so much for your support, I couldn't have done it without you!


Seeing in colour said...

Welcome to band world! Glad you did so well and are feeling good.

Now you can finally join us in all our crazy rants!

Ahahaha my nurses would have hated me, im pretty sure i went crazy and was swearing pretty bad at them ahaha.

Epiphany said...


I'm sure you'll have lots of burping etc.

Kerri said...

Welcome!!! Glad to have you!

alycejo said...

oh the burps are coming!

Hahaha yeah the nurse said that most of the patients try to bite her when she's taking the tube out or they start swearing at her!! lol

DiZneDiVa said...

Welcome to the Banded Sisterhood, we're glad to see you on the other side! *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at

Sandy Lee said...

So happy for you. Drink lots and walk around.

J said...

Welcome to the other side!! :D

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