Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First "mushies" meal

So I am a bit confused really

Went to the shops today and bought some things for this next stage
Baby food was cheap and I tried some flavours before the band so I bought a few bottles. I figured I could take the label off the bottles and take it to uni with me

I also bought some avocado, low fat ricotta, light cottage cheese, spreadable tuna and tinned chicken.
I didn't have breakfast (woops) so I just had lunch. I mashed up some avocado and mixed it with some cottage cheese and the tin "chop chop" chicken. The chicken is shredded and I read that some people can't handle it. I had about 100 grams and although I haven't had any pain or discomfort I think that might be enough. I think I'm more head hungry because it looked so damn good!

I just need a heads up as to what I might expect when I get full. I'm being really careful not to stretch the pouch etc and I'm taking really really small bites and chewing really well

But what does it feel like to be full? stuck? PB?
I need like a glossary of terms that I can look out for!


Maria said...

For me, when I'm stuck, it hurts bad. Like there is a golf ball stuck in my chest.

When I'm overfull by a few bites, I usually get a "stop sign" like a deep hitchy breath (hard to explain) or my nose starts running. It's weird.

My best advice, and it took me a looooong time to learn and embrace this, is to not test your band. Eat a little, stop and wait, see if you are satisfied for a few hours.

PB is just plain nasty for me. In my experience, it's always been a full out retching vomit. I have never just "burped" up food.

Hope that helps!

Seeing in colour said...

Ohh sounds like your mushies are pretty heavy foods i would be careful, that canned chicken is noooo good.

Remember to take it slow.... i had alot of mushed peas, soups and mashed potatoe in my muushie phase.

I dont know what PB is and being stuck (i have felt really uncomfortable once or twice which is probably being stuck but it passed pretty quickly).

As for the head and stomach hunger... you have to learn that yourself and i think its a hard thing to master.... i still dont know and i eat with my head still alot even though my stomach doesnt need it.

Itsa big leanring curve.

alycejo said...

the leaflet said shredded chicken is okay to get in protein?
arrgghh i hate not knowing what I can and can't eat...and the surgeons office is no help at all

workinprogress said...

oh - don't worry - when you get stuck you will know it!!!!

For me it's a really uncomfortable feeling in my chest and I can sort of feel the food sitting at the opening to my stomach. Eventually it comes back up.

Usually for me it's just saliva that comes up - but feels kinda like a volcano - no way to stop it!!!

Different to a vomit in that you don't feel sick and hopefully you feel better straight away afterwards.

Sounds like you are doing great!

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