Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby I'm getting better...

First of all...
My love for the Aussie band Gyroscope has been reignited and listening to them reminds me of all the fun times I had at their shows
Random fact, but you should check them out if you like rock/alternative music
(Oh and I brought them up because the title of this post is the name of one of their recent singles =P)

I haven't been on LBT for ages! I went on today and noticed there were a few photos on there that I should share with you all

Excuse the grossness but this was in 2008 for my sister's 17th birthday. That dress she's wearing is the one I wore on my 18th birthday in 2007 and I would really love to fit into it again!

This was a year later on my sister's 18th birthday. A bit better...but I always seem to look okay in posed portrait pictures.

And this is my current passport photo that I took last year...another 9 more years with it =S It's not horrible, but I would like a better one soon.

Now onto some exciting news! My sister and I have finally decided what tour we are going to take in Europe next year!
We chose Topdeck because I've heard Contiki are all about booze and partying...and if I'm going to spend so much money I would actually like to SEE Europe!
So in July 2011 this is where we will be heading, on a 28 Day Topdeck EuroClub tour, staying in Hostels, Bungalows, Resorts and Castles! We opted for no hotels because i've heard it's less restricted and more fun to be with your group rather than stuck in small hotel rooms.
I am so excited! I've been to a quarter of these places before but I was a bit young and don't really remember much of it.

This is what is motivating me to lose this weight and look hot for a Summer European Vacay!


Seeing in colour said...

Yay photos!

You will fit that dress again dont you worry.

Im not a big fan of Gyroscope but being a Perth band i remember seeing them when i was a teenager playing at some free youth festival... those kids have been around awhile now.

The non Contiki thing sounds wise to me. I havent been to europe yet and i can tell you right now i wont be going on no crappy contiki specially seeing as i dont really drink much anymore.

I wanna do America... thats my next goal :D

alycejo said...

hehe i hope so!

when i started putting on weight i tacked it shorter and wore it as a top

yeah gyroscope aren't my fave but they are such nice guys! when i turned 18 i went to one of their shows and it was full of big 30 yr old me. I was in the pit with my friend and because I'm so short this asshole kept pushing me around and leaning over me and stuff. Dan (the singer) saw him and stop singing and told him to piss off and get out of the pit!!

Yeah I'm not interested in drinking anymore and everyone i've spoken to says that contiki is just a party tour rather than sightseeing. I don't want to waste days at the hotel because people decided to get pissed and are constantly hung over

America is awesome!
I've been to Washington, LA, Florida and Las Vegas. Vegas is a MUST! Amazing!!

Pamela E. Williams said...

You are such a beautiful young lady. You will get back in that dress in no time.

Man, I would love to tour Europe.

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