Friday, August 27, 2010

Chest Pain =S

So today I decided to go back to uni
I figured I hadn't really had any pain since surgery, and it was 2 weeks ago so surely I could handle it
Well I couldn't!
Classes were from 9-5 with 2 half an hour breaks
I didn't have breakfast at home because I had to leave at 7 so I took a small yoghurt with me
I got there, had 2 teaspoons of the yoghurt and BAM chest pain!
There was no way I could've been stuck because I basically licked the spoon and waited a while between each spoonful
It subsided a bit but then it got really bad
I had chest pain and back pain and it was uncomfortable
My sister took me home and I went straight to the doctor
He suspects it was just some gas that got trapped under my diaphragm
It's not bad anymore but woah I was a bit worried with chest pain

Has anyone had this before?


Pamela E. Williams said...

My eyes got big when I read this because we are band sisters. I was like oh no, I hope she is alright and and is this going to happen to me. Hopefully the gas is gone and you are feeling better.

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