Monday, August 30, 2010

15kg down!

Finally reached my 3rd goal of 15kg (33lbs)
I don't even remember the last time I'm lost this much
Although my clothes are definitely looser, I can't say that it's an obvious difference
But I already feel alot better about myself :)

I think I'm reaching the dreaded "Bandster Hell" =S
I'm constantly searching for food (I do restrain myself though. I want to lose this weight so I'm not sabotaging myself by eating crap)
I'm always hungry!
I'm going for my post-op appointment on the 6th September
But that's only 3 weeks post op so I'm not sure if he will give me a fill
Right now I'm just being strong and resisting the urge to eat all the time

Having said that, I'm very happy with my progress :)


Seeing in colour said...

congrats!! well done.

your doing great and dont worry im in badster hell most of the time... im at my worst now, i can eat nearly anything and my hunger is back.

i have 6 small meals a day which creates better weigbt loss for me, if your hungry maybe you should have 6 small things?

alycejo said...


yeah I don't like the idea of having 3 solid meals a day because I like variety!

I'm constantly grazing though and I'm not feeling full. I think I might actually be eating too little because I'm too scared of doing any damage to the band

I really have no idea how much I should be eating at one sitting. Really need to see my surgeon!

Sandy Lee said...

But look at you shrinking. Nice.

Jen said...

Great progress!!! Yeah I think the 3 meals/day thing is hardest when you're in bandster hell. I'll second the 4-6 smaller meals per day idea. Once you have more restriction, it will get easier to space your meals out.

From what I hear (as I've only had one fill thus far), eventually going 3-4 hours between meals should be pretty easy. I can go 2-3 now with only 1 fill, so I can totally see that being the case! :)

I think it's too much for anyone to expect to be able to go that long without any restriction to slow things down, though.

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