Monday, August 16, 2010

Goals & Rewards

Morning everyone
Day 3 post-op! It's gone so fast
I'll be taking off my bandages today, let's hope I don't pass out at the sight of my incisions =S

So while I'm slowly sipping my multivitamin I might as well let you guys know of what I plan to do these next few months

Okay so before we begin, on Thursday night (night before surgery) I finally told my parents about my tattoo. Mind you, I got this tattoo done in May of 2009! Yes, I hid it for that long but if you knew my parents you would understand. My parents were very anti-tattoo, piercings, coloured hair etc. But do you think I cared?! A little hair dye or a few (7) ear piercings wasn't going to hurt...they're reversible right?
So I pushed it a bit lol at least I could get rid of them if I wanted. I was a rebel child...but not too rebellious. I didn't/don't smoke or do drugs and I barely had friends over or went to any wild parties. So I thought that they really wouldn't mind if I got a measly tattoo. They had always threatened that if I'd ever gotten a tattoo while under their roof then they would kick me out...but deep down I knew they were empty threats.

So in May I got a tattoo...on my right forearm. I'm kind of glad that I was big because I would never have dared walking out of the house in sleeveless tops or singlets so hiding it was pretty easy. I wore cardigans everywhere and wore long sleeve tops to bed just in case they snuck into my room to inspect me haha! I even wore a cardigan in boiling heat and humidity! So back to the point...I told them on Thursday obviously because I knew they were eventually going to see it in hospital. I was shocked when Mum basically burst out laughing when I told her. I'm pretty sure that they knew all along but were just torturing me the whole time!

Oh and for anyone wondering what tattoo I have...I have written "Rescue is Possible". It's a slogan used by an amazing charity called To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA), a non-profit organisation who bring awareness to teen suicide and depression by holding concerts and involving musicians. When I was 18, I was severely depressed. I remember spending Christmas Day at home alone in bed crying...for no good reason. I used to cut myself and found it hard to leave the house. That's when I found TWLOHA and where I found my love for music. It really did help me through that hard time, so I wanted to have a permanent reminder of where I came from and to know that no matter what, there is always hope.

This brings me to the actual point of this post...the picture. The statue is of Santa Marija (Saint Mary). My Grandpa passed away a few years back and ever since then I was determined to get this tattooed. I was really close to him. He was very Catholic and very Maltese. In Malta, every weekend in Summer, each village celebrates their nominated saints day. They would close down the streets and party all weekend! It's amazing. So when my grandpa lived in Malta, his village saint was Santa Marija, hence why I chose her. When I was growing up, the Maltese community in Melbourne held their own processions and even brought over a set of statues to celebrate like they do in Malta. I remember going over to my grandpa's place and he would be waiting to take my sister and I to the church feast. I really miss that...and it's not the same without him.

So once I get to goal, I'll be getting a tattoo of Santa Marija on my back in honour of my amazing grandpa. I'm so excited! I know that he would have been so proud...albeit he didn't understand the point of tattoos :P


Nikki P said...

Oh Alyce, that is such a warming yet sad story. You are so strong to have moved through that dark time in your life.
Your Grandpa would be very proud indeed. x

V said...

wonderful post :) it'll be time for your new tat before you know it!

Seeing in colour said...

I wanted my own form of saint mary tattoo but then decided against it and painted her instead, not sure if i showed you one of the paintings i did of her?

I was totally about getting all these tattoos but right now i dont want any ahahah... i was going to get a huge owl on my back, theres a pic in my previous posts but i held back... i like the innocence of my skin at the moment :)

Good goal... super exciting, itll be a rocking tattoo!

Amaris said...

Sorry to hear that you had such a time with depression as a young person. I have bipolar disorder (with depression being my major symptom) and was showing symptoms in high school. First major depression was in 7th grade, so I totally understand where you are coming from on that issue.

I had to laugh at your tattoo/mother story. I got my naval pierced almost 16 years ago. I did it partly because I was in a rut and wanted to do something that someone like me wouldn't do. When I told a friend I'd done it he said, "I thought you already had your naval pierced."! HUH?

When you get to goal, that's an awesome reward awaiting you. I don't know what my ultimate reward will be, but getting a few more piercings are on my list of on-the-way goals.

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