Monday, August 2, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award :D

Hi Everyone!
Sorry I didn't get to this sooner

I was nominated by 3 different people for this award and i'm so grateful that anyone is even interested in what I have to say!

Thanks Sam, Nikki and Maria for my nomination!

Not sure how this works exactly so bear with me!

So here are Seven random things about me:

1. My parents are avid travelers and have instilled in me a passion for travel also!
I've been to the US, London and Malta several times, have been on a Mediterranean cruise, Dubai, Singapore, all over Australia and New Zealand

2. I'm first generation Australian. Both my parents were born and grew up in a tiny Mediterranean island called Malta

3. I go to rock shows. I've been to over a hundred in the past few years and take any chance I get to go see a live gig. I would prefer to see a band than go to a nightclub.

4. I'm completing my final year of a Psychology degree (Honours), but in my first year I was initially doing a double degree of Law/Psychology

5. Next year I'm planning to go live in Malta and travel around Europe. I have my Maltese/EU passport and my parents own a house over there so I am tempted to live there for the year and work. I'm going there alone to prove to myself that I don't need mummy and daddy anymore!

6. I have worked 2 jobs since I was 16 years old. I work at a supermarket (Coles) and as a medical receptionist. My parents are amazing and although I thought they were strict, they really taught me well when it comes to working hard and saving money.

7. I am an internet addict! I am constantly online and that has probably contributed to my weight gain. I can't go an hour without checking facebook or twitter :S

Okay so random facts = check!
Now onto nominations I guess :)
I don't think I could nominate 15 people because I've noticed that alot of you have already received awards lately

1. Ash @ - She has an amazing sense of style and seems to have the same passion for music as I do.

2. Liz @ - I have nearly read every one of her posts! She is such an inspiration and has come so far

3. Sarah @ - She has had such an amazing transformation!

4. Kristen @ - Such a beautiful woman!

5. Jen @ - Laughed so much at the vlog with her and her sister!!!

These are just to name a few!
Must get back to my homework now :(

Oh by the way, the cheating didn't effect my loss! Lost another 0.5kg :D
Not long now! 11 days eeeeep!


Kerri said...

Congrats on your award!!! And your loss!

Amaris said...

Congrats on the award -- and the loss! Loved getting to know you a little bit better through your "Seven things" list!

Seeing in colour said...

Hey kid! thanks for the award again aahhaa :D

I wanna go to Malta, can i borrow the house for a year?

Jennifer said...

I'm honored! Thank you so much!!!!!!

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