Monday, October 4, 2010

Do you know what grinds my gears?

People who deliberately try to rain on your parade!

First of all, sorry about the constant posting. I'm fairly addicted to the internet and I had an assignment due so I was procrastinating all morning and putting it off :P

But I really just need to vent, and I'm sure you guys will understand why once you read what happened to me today

Well as some of you might know, I work at a medical clinic and the doctors are all so sweet and are constantly telling me how proud they are of me. I enjoy working at the clinic however there is alot of bitchiness between the receptionists and some of them really frustrate me.

Last week there was a new receptionist who I found out had lap band and she was such a great help. So I go in to work today and for some reason she was unable to work so there was another lady there.

I really can't stand working with this particular receptionist. She is snobby and bitchy and lazy. She is constantly on the phone, never doing work, while I'm running around answering calls and attending to patients.

So today she brought up the fact that her house cleaner had lap band done a few months ago (yes, she likes to boast about how rich she is by raving about her "help"!). She would not shut up about how her cleaner had the band only a few months ago and apparently she has lost over 30kg. Okay, so I didn't know this person so I couldn't judge, but the story seemed a bit over the top to me. She kept going on about how amazing she looks and it started to irritate me because it was like she was saying to me "well compared to her, you really haven't done that well".

Then she started going on about how her cleaner barely eats anything, and she is constantly vomiting up her food!! According to my doctor, and most people I've spoken to, having to vomit up food is a sign of an overfill. I told the receptionist that her cleaner should really watch out because it was unhealthy to vomit and lose so much so quickly. But no, she didn't seem to think there was a problem, all she cared about was how fantastic this woman looked.

It really frustrated me! Especially when I told her how much I had lost and she was like "Oh that's alot, but this woman looks fantastic, you should see her!" Seriously, I don't know what you guys think, but I took that as a very rude remark and although it didn't hurt me (I don't really care what she thinks) it did annoy me a little because this woman has no idea how hard I've been working.

Aaarrgghhh some people can be so rude! I really was trying to bite my tongue to avoid any arguments!!


Liz said...

Grrrr!!! This woman sounds like an upper class snob!!! She sounds like she thinks she and her cleaner are superior. How frustrating. I totally get how annoying it can be. You are doing your best with lap band and this woman (who hasn't even had it done) comes in with her opinions on how great it is to loose 30kg in a short amount of time. Thats crazy.

Hang in there :)

Seeing in colour said...

I have been hearing this from quite a few people and a friend of mine just recently and she has only just lost 4 kilos in the first month and its been really hard on her, she is becoming incredibly stressed which has lead to her being on steroids which is even harder for her ot loose the weight and shes feeling immense pressure since being banded.

ITs so hard because everyone is so different.... maybe the cleaner was HUGE and lost alot because she was bigger.... im glad you didnt let it get to you but i do understand your frustration :)

You know and all of us bloggers know how amazing you are doing and we can see the amazing changes in you.

Something About Kellie said...

I think everyone's journey is as individual as they are. Unfortunately some people do have their bands so tight they can eat - personally I think this is swapping one disorder (over-eating) for another (under-eating). Be true to yourself and know that you are doing what is good for your body. They say that to lose long term weight loss you need to lose it in a healthy way.

Don't be disheartened by this ladies nastiness. You are doing a great job!


Pamela E. Williams said...

Ignore that bat! She seems to only like to toot her own horn (which includes her hired help). You are doing wonderful and if anything I would keep talk with her to a minimum.

amandakiska said...

I doubt there's anything you could say to someone so thick. She better watch it, though, or her house keeper's going to get sick and she'll have to clean her own damn place!

Epiphany said...

Stupid cow. I'd have been hurt too. :(

You're right that vomiting all the time isn't how it should be. You might as well just have bulima and have saved all your band money. ;) LOL!

Bah. You can lose weight but that woman will ALWAYS be a cow.

workinprogress said...

Don't you just hate those kind of people - always have a better story, always playing the game of one-up-manship.


Don't play.

You're doing great and should be really proud of yourself!!

Seeing in colour said...

The Jillian Michael Dvds i bought are -
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I have just found out that these come in a box set from america :( i would have been to impatient to wait for them to be deilvered though.
She is a machine and the dvd work outs are killer... they only go for like 30mins but my god you DIE. So worth it though. You do have to buy weights and a stepper though for those dvds :)

Trudi said...

OMG what a B&^*H - really there is no need for this, some people make me soooooo mad. We are all individual and the band works for us differently - her cleaner does NOT sound healthy and hello who wants to throw up every day to look good????? Yuck!!!

Liz said...

ahhh thanks for the quick reply alyce on my latest blog. I was really stressing out! thank you!

Nikki P said...

Yeah, I'm hearing you, Don't let the lady get you down, she must have a serious case of Tall Poppy Syndrome.
I've noticed the last few weeks a few people have commented on how little I have lost lately. Um lets just say NONE. They expect you to lose all your weight in the first few weeks. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! It took years to put this on so it should be expected that it will take some time to get it off.
Good on you for shrugging it off. I understand why you got pissed off though.
:) Nikki x

Mary H. said...

Ugh! What a b!tch! I know it's hard, but you've got a good attitude about all this. It's obvious that this lady's paid help isn't doing something right! Comparisons are not good and they don't do anyone any good. I'm sorry you have to deal with such a witch at work. My husband works with someone with a similar personality and it really is hard for him to deal with some days...

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