Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ARGHH $&^$%#^#

I'm just on here to complain and vent

I am completely stressing out right now and it is not helping my eating habits

I have my final exam on Thursday at 9am
They don't tell you the exact date of the exam until about 2 weeks before
So at the start of this year I bought some concert tickets, thinking that the exam would be before the concert date
Well guess what, the concert is the night before the exam!
So that's making me stress even more because I can't even enjoy myself

I've been studying like crazy
and also trying to finish my thesis, which is not going very well because my supervisors are no help at all

I'm at my whits end
I'm eating crap constantly and keep getting stuck because of stupidity

I seriously have had enough of everything!
I know I don't have long to go
but I hate the fact that I'm sabotaging everything

Tomorrow I get my third fill
and I am going to beg the Dr to fill me up to the brim

ARGH! told you I was going to complain!


Liz said...

Hey Alyce....looks like we're in a similar boat huh!!! Thanks for your comment...I wish there was a fix for us but we've just got to be patient huh!! Hey do you have msn or email or anything? If so, mine is moore_of_liz@hotmail.com
I think we have so much in common being young and banded and having the stress of study etc...We can support each other :)

Epiphany said...

Love the pic you used! LOL!

Sucks with the timing. If it helps I'm only just getting back on track after at least a month of doing badly with my eating. ;)

Pamela E. Williams said...

I like the pic as well. I say keep studying and go to the concert the night before, enjoy yourself, but turn in early afterward (don't wig out). Consider it a break so that your mind can relax before the big exam. I'm wishing you well and sending you good vibes.

Something About Kellie said...

I agree with Pamela still go to the concert but don't Par-tay afterwards! lol

It will all come together in the end. Besides I believe that your not going to learn what you don't know overnight so relax and enjoy the concert!

Hope the next fill helps you food wise :)

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