Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I finished my thesis!!

Pheww that was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!
I'm pretty happy with it
My supervisors emailed me and asked if I wanted to to recommend me for a PhD scholarship
I was so shocked, I didn't think I was doing that well this year but obviously I was wrong
So now I have no more university or schooling until I decide to go back!!

Also, last night I went to watch Eat,Pray,Love
I thought it was amazing
I wish I had the time and money to go escape like that
It just made me that more excited about my European trip next year!

Band related news now...
This fill has been bitter sweet
I've lost about a kilo so far so I'm happy with that
But I've been getting stuck alot
Today I couldn't even eat lunch because nothing would go down
I don't want to get unfilled but I don't think I'll get a fill for a while
I'll see how it goes

I also went to my hairdresser today
She's a family friend and I haven't seen her since a few weeks before surgey
She was so amazed at how good I look in such a short time!
It made me feel so good =D


Seeing in colour said...

Im like you at the moment .... constantly getting stuck is sucking.... :( certainly means im eating less tho ahahah.

Congrats on finishing the thesis... so exciting for you!!

So i guess i should go see Eat Pray Love then hey?

Liz said...

Wowsa!!! You finished a thesis, thats amazing!!! You must have worked yout butt off! Thats really good that your lectuer thinks you could apply for a scholar ship. How exciting :)

You've lost 19.5kg now!!?? Thats sooo good. I'm jealous hehe. Good luck with the food, hope things don't get stuck. :)

Mo said...

Coongrats on finishing your thesis! It is always reassuring when your supervisors are willing to recommend you for something, be assured they think you are both capable and worth it!

Oh and you will love Europe!

Nikki P said...

Congrats Alyce, your family must be so proud of you :)
I like yourself and Ash am aslo getting stuck a lot. No PB's but it has limited my intake a great deal.
"Bitter Sweet" - you hit the nail on the head.
Kinda missing my food though :(

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