Sunday, October 31, 2010

Begging for an unfill

I have had enough of constantly having discomfort in my chest and back
Today for lunch I had about 4 pieces of penne and some bolognese sauce
I made sure I cut up the pieces really tiny and chewed really well
Everything was fine, then I decided to go to Ikea with my parents
The drive was about an hour long
About half way there, I was so uncomfortable I had to get dad to stop the car while I scrambled to find the nearest bathroom to vomit
It came back up and I was fine
A couple of hours later I was really thirsty so I had a sip of water, 10 mins later and I was rushing back to the bathroom

If this doesn't mean I'm too tight then I have no other explanation
I just want to eat
I'm not hungry, but I need food just to feel normal
I'm calling up first thing in the morning to get an unfill. I'm not sure that the protocol is but they better be able to fit me in because I don't think I can last another day

Has this happened to anyone?
It really is driving me insane


Epiphany said...

I'm thinking you must be. I've never had a "getting stuck" episode so long after eating though, but maybe someone else has. It at least calls for a visit to your surgeon to explain I think.

alycejo said...

Yeah I'm definitely calling in tomorrow
I'm really hoping that fit me in straight away
I can't handle this

The Babbling Bandit said...

I haven't had any vomiting yet, thank goodness. Sounds dreadful, what you are going through. An appointment with the doc seems the best idea!

Sandy Lee said...

I've needed a couple of tiny unfills. I think sometimes the swelling gets so bad that we need to have an unfill so it goes down. Call the clinic and see what they say. You might try sticking to pureed/mushies for a few days after just to get the pouch back to normal. It hurts, I know.

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