Saturday, October 23, 2010

Officially 20kg down (44lb)

Cannot believe how quickly I've lost it
It's been 10 weeks since surgery and I lost 10kg with Optifast so I've averaged out a kilo (2.2lb) lost a week since surgery
I'm so glad it's been working
But I know I still have a lot more to go, and I don't expect the next 20kg to come of as quickly
I went shopping with my sister yesterday and it was a really horrible reality check
Although I've lost a lot, I still feel uncomfortable in public and still can't fit into alot of clothes
Arrgghh I'm more determined as ever to keep going with this =D

Just a reminder...

Pre Surgery July 2010 & October 2010 (please ignore the face haha)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the top you're wearing in the second photo. Where did you get it? You're looking gorgeous hun :) xx

Nikki P said...

Oh Alyce, you are looking awesome. It is incredible how much healthier you look 20 kg down. Imagine how fabulous you will be in the near future as you get closer to your goal.
Can you give me any tips on how to lose 1kg a week :-)

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

I love it! The change IS very noticeable!!!! The clothes stuff come in time. And with every 10 lbs will be more and more comfortable!!!

Liz said...

Well done Alyce XX

alycejo said...

thanks ladies!

Seeing in colour said...

Dont worry its the same for me..... on the scales it shows huge numbers in weightloss but as soon as you go shopping its like you get shot in the head and you are given your reality check that its not over yet.... man do i know this feeling!
Im here with you... imagine in 6months how different our lives will be!

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