Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I handed in the finished product of my thesis yesterday
and it felt darn good to know that four years of hard work is finally over
I don't get my results until November 11 but I'm pretty sure I at least passed and can now graduate

I just don't know what to do with myself now!
I've asked for more hours at work, and you would think with 2 jobs I'm bound to have a shift everyday, but that's not the case. I'm begging them for shifts but it might take a fortnight for the bosses to organise new rosters

The last few days have been gorgeous and sunny
So I've been spending most of my days outside reading
but that gets boring after a while
My exercise regime is non-existent at the moment
I just don't have the motivation
I think I need someone to push me around and bully me into exercising
I really would love a personal trainer, but I can't afford it right now

I'm still losing weight pretty consistently
I'm proud to say that I haven't had a stuck episode in a while...I'm being extra careful
Tomorrow I'm getting another fill because I can feel the band loosening
I won't get much though, probably .5cc

I'm feeling so lonely though
I have never had a bf
and all my friends are still at school or are too busy to hang out
Whenever I'm at home, my family are at work
so it's getting pretty lonely in here and it's depressing not having anyone to just hang out with

Wish some of you girls lived closer!!


Epiphany said...

I wish we all did too! I know there's a few thinking of setting up an Aus meet for us all next year, but not sure where it will be.

alycejo said...

ahh I might miss it if I'm in Europe!
I would love to meet everyone one day though...maybe when we all get to goal and look fabulous everyone can come to melbourne and shop up a storm!

Liz said...

Hey alyce!!! I wish we did too, I would love to catch up. I think we'd all be good mates.
I 100% know how you feel about not having a boyfriend. Up until four months ago, I was twenty years old and never had a boyfriend in my life. AND I was the only single one in a group of 8 girls. It was so distressing and I felt lonlier than I can say. Hang in there....even when you do get a bf its not necessarily the best!!
Thats so good that you are still loosing weight, I'm so proud and a little bit jealous to!! Looks like the band is just doing its job really well for you at the moment.
Hopefully chat to you on msn soon :)
P.s. I'm so jealous you have time to read out in the sunshine, I can't wait til tafe is over!!

amandakiska said...

Enjoy the quiet time. You have earned a break!

When you get good and bored, think about doing some volunteer work or take a class just for the enjoyment. Or exercise for crying out loud!

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