Friday, October 29, 2010

I don't know if I can keep this up

I love that I'm losing weight, but I miss food
My friends invited me out to lunch today
I haven't really eaten out since surgery so I was a bit scared
She suggested Nandos. Not my fave choice but they wanted it so I went along
I was weighing up between the chips or the coleslaw
I expected the coleslaw to be like the KFC one...mushy!
But no, it was stringy and chunky and I only had about two bites and gave up
I feel miserable, not because I got a bit stuck but because I can't enjoy going out with my friends anymore
I'm too scared I'll get stuck and have an embarrassing moment in public
I don't know how I'm going to keep this up for the rest of my life


Epiphany said...

Oh Alyce, it gets easier, it really does.

You'll work out which foods go down a bit easier, and just order SMALL and chew chew chew.

Sorry it sucked for you though. :(

alycejo said...

Thanks Sue
My friends laugh because when they ask what I can eat I usually say I don't know because it changes everyday!
I hope it gets easier

Blossom said...

I feel your pain. I'm still trying to figure out what I can eat (it does seem to change daily), and I'm going for lunch with girlfriends Saturday & I'm a bit nervous about it. All these experienced people say it gets easier, so I hope they're right! You need to find a few "safe" foods that you can eat while out. And remember, you go out with your friends to be with your friends, not to eat!

Liz said...

Once you are in the green zone it will get easier!!! (or so I hear)
Hate to hear that it wasn't a great lunch experience...maybe you girls could go for coffee next time instead so you can get that down. Or you could go shopping now that your fitting into all these new things :)

Sam said...

I actually find it easier to order a snack pack of chicken from places like nandos, that way I can cut the pieces extra small and chew very well. i also know what to expect before I get it.

I hope you have a better time next time you go to lunch with your friends.

amandakiska said...

You WILL be able to eat out and enjoy it again. I promise!

Sandy Lee said...

Oh yes you can. Go out, have fun. I check menus online now before I go out to see if they have something that I can eat. I usually end up with an appetizer or soup. When I was away, I must have had 5 dinners of crab cakes. I'm not good with salads but have ordered a full meal when my hubby can eat the rest of. Or I share it with another person. But usually I eat what I can and then ask to take the rest home (gives me lots of lunches!).

Of course I also have to drink and sometimes that's all I need. If an evening out is only about the food, you need some new friends. But I have found that my friends are why I go out-to talk, and laugh and have fun. The food just gives us something to do. And you can also just skip the meal and go right to desserts. Won't that start a firestorm of comments!

One thing I have discovered is that I eat really slow when with others now. I put down my fork, talk a lot. I have only ever gotten stuck once in a restaurant and once while eating at at food stand (tried to gulp it down before the rain came). You will be surprised how fast people eat. In fact is stuns me to watch how much food can go down someone's throat in 10 minutes. You can do this, don't give up!

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