Saturday, October 16, 2010

Buying clothes...

Last night I went to yet another gig (I go to a local gig at least once a fortnight)
Anyways, it was my fave aussie band Stealing O'neal
You should really check them out! They are so catchy
So I've seen them over 30 times now haha
but I've never been able to buy any merchandise because their sizes were all too small
Yesterday I said stuff it, I'm going to buy something even if it doesn't fit me yet
Instead of a large, I bought a medium

I've been doing that quite alot lately
I keep buying clothes that are too small just so I can say "well I'll fit into it soon"

I don't know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing
It's a good thing because when I do fit into them it will be an amazing feeling
but it's a bad thing because what if I stop losing and can never fit into them?!

What have you guys been doing?
I have boxes and boxes of old clothes that I used to be able to fit into but are still too small and I can't part with them!


Nikki P said...

Just go with it. You will fit into them all eventually.
I've bought a couple of pieces that are goal clothes but I haven't been going crazy cause I'm just not sure what style of clothing will suit me when I get to goal. Also I want to have the all mother of shopping sprees when I get there :-)

Trudi said...

Hehehe I have been shopping like a maniac - especially from the US with the $$ being so good.

alycejo said...

ohhh i've been browsing for clothes online and i've found some bargains but then when I check out shipping turns out to be around $50!!

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