Sunday, October 10, 2010

Can't stop eating =(

I feel like such a failure
I was doing so well...and then I hit bandster hell again
This is killer
I am constantly eating, and old habits are coming back very quickly
The scale batteries died today (go figure!) but I can feel that I have gained some weight
I think the stress of finishing school and studying for exams is really stuffing up everything
I think because of TTOM I'm feeling really bloated and disgusting
If I keep going on like this...I'll probably gain back all my weight and it's a horrible thought
Cannot wait until Wednesday when I get my fill
The first week after my last fill was so great because I could really feel restriction
But now all that restriction has gone and I've undone all my hard work =(

Arrgghh sorry, just needed to vent!


Seeing in colour said...

Man.... i feel ya!

Im eating everything and just not stopping, cereal, migoreng, chocolate, lollies, burritos.... OMG kill me now..... bloody that time of the month its a killer.

Dont worry we are in the same boat... WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!

Epiphany said...

Yep TTOTM is AWFUL. Might as well not have a band for me!! And it gives me 2-3kg of extra fluid or whatever the heck it is.

Ignore scales in that time, ignore everything, just get through TTOTM.

Liz said... are no failure. 17.4kg is NOT a failure. You've had a bad couple days cause of stupid TTOTM but try to think of how fantastic you've done so far. This is just a little off track and like the other girls said, it happens to everyone when is TTOTM. Hang in there til Wednesday and that fill will make you feel better :) I don't even have TTOTM and I'm eating like there is no tomorrow and I know I've gained....I have no excuse for i. So I know how you feel my buddy :)

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