Saturday, October 30, 2010

Do I need an unfill?

I think I really do
I've been losing weight so rapidly, but I haven't been exercising
Although I like losing the weight, I don't like the fear of getting stuck whenever I eat
It's 10.46am, I had half a glass of milk at 9.30am (couldn't get it all down) and I just had about 3teaspoons of baked beans and I'm getting that stuck feeling in my back
I just can't get myself to ask for an unfill
I went to the doctors yesterday and I was stupid enough to let her give me another slight fill when I knew I didn't really need it
I think I may call the doctor on monday and get .5cc taken out to see how I feel


amandakiska said...

If you aren't better by Monday, you probably should get a bit out. The band works best with solid foods. If all you can eat is sliders and liquids, you may actually gain weight.

Blossom said...

It sounds like you might if that's all you can get down. It's really not enough. If even liquids are a problem then you might be overfilled. There's nothing wrong about asking for an unfill.

Amaris said...

Hope you are doing okay. It sounds as though you may need a tiny bit taken out. Take care of yourself!

Liz said...

Wow, alyce you are almost half way to your weight loss freaking QUICK was that? I'm so happy for you. :)

alycejo said...

aww thanks Liz!
but I wish that was my real goal haha
that's my temporary goal (to lose 55kg to get to 70kg)
according to my doctor though, I need to get to 50kg to be "healthy" :(

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