Thursday, October 14, 2010

No more stress!!

I had my final ever exam this morning
Not sure how I went on it, I knew my stuff but it was just a matter of getting it all on the paper in the two hour time limit
Just so glad that I have nearly completed my degree!
All I have now is my thesis and then I'm all done

I went to the concert last night and it was AMAZING!
I'm not sure if I mentioned who the band was, but we went to see Paramore
I love them so much, but sometimes I feel embarrassed to admit it only because alot of their new fans are young, immature, annoying little girls who I cannot stand!
Well my sister and I have followed them from the beginning, about 5 or 6 years
We've seen them five times now, but we have never had the chance to meet them
My sister admires the lead singer Hayley Williams (you might now her from her most recent duo with BOB on the song airplanes)
She was so dedicated that she went to wait at the airport for six hours yesterday and met the band!
So jealous because I was stuck at home studying!

But the show was excellent, their best one yet
The venue was pretty dodgy though (it was outside undercover)
We had really great seats though, so close!
I have been to heaps and heaps of gigs and concerts, and this was definitely the best one yet!

On the band front, I am completely motivated this week to work hard and lose some weight
I seem to have restriction and haven't really had any cravings at all today
Let's hope I lose at least a kilogram this week!

Here are some photos from the show:

This is my sister with Hayley Williams:
(she could only meet her briefly because their flight was already delayed and they had to rush to the venue, but she was sweet enough to stop for a quick photo. She also didn't have makeup on and decided to hide =P)


Nikki P said...

Hi Alyce, I am so jealous of your sister. Not all fans are young little girls, I'm 34. I saw them at the start of the year at a festival we have here called Soundwave. It was Awesome.
Congratulations on finishing your exams, maybe you could let your hair down this weekend?
BTW, loving your new profile pic :)

alycejo said...

hey nikki!
oh thats awesome
we have soundwave here too :)
we've been to the last three melbourne soundwaves and even went to sydney last year to see paramore!!
they are amazing, and hayley is so sweet

oh and thanks about the picture :P
just got that singlet today from an american store called glamour kills...i've never been able to fit into their stuff before!!

Liz said...

Hey Alyce!!! Paramore are great, so jealous you have seen them that many times!! I love gigs too but I haven't been to many in a while, I mainly go to stuff with my brother cause we have similar music taste.

thanks for adding me on msn!! I'm sure we'll chat soon.

One last thing....

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! For two things. One - you finished exams. yayyy!!! That has got to be a big weight off your shoulders. and secondly...for fitting into the singlet from glamour kills. Its a a good new profile pic!!

Ginger aka Gidget said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Paramore! (And I'm 34, too LOL!)

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