Saturday, December 3, 2011

Boot camp no. 2 & Fill

Ahhh my body hurts...but i'm sure it will hurt a lot more tomorrow!
I went for my second bootcamp this morning
Lots more running and weights OUCH!
On days that I don't train, I have been walking/running 5.5km a night and I'm pretty darn proud of myself :)
I have never worked out so much in my life and I'm actually enjoying it
It's a lot better when I'm surrounded by people who also enjoy working out

Also, yesterday I gave in and went for another fill
I am so close to the green zone
I've been getting 0.3cc at a time...slowly but surely I will finally find my sweet spot!
Hopefully this last fill will get me there because I'm really determined to lose the rest of this weight before I hit up the USofA in September =D