Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3rd fill

just got home from my 3rd fill

I was in the waiting room sobbing because I was watching the Chilean miners being rescued! haha

I was pleasantly surprised when she said I had lost 2kg since I saw her last (3 weeks ago)
I seriously thought that I had put on a hundred kgs! haha

My fill dr is amazing! I love going to visit and I know she always has my best interests at heart.
She was going to put 1cc in, and she said if it's too tight I can go back in tomorrow. Well that's when I told her I have my exam tomorrow morning and she got a bit worried because she didn't want me to be too tight that I couldn't eat or drink in the morning.

So she gave me 0.6cc, but I guess if I felt restriction straight away with my last fill then this should help abit
I'm going again in 2 weeks so she said she could give me a good fill then if this one doesn't work

Fingers crossed this helps!


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