Friday, October 1, 2010

Feeling good!

Just went for a really good walk with my sister

we live in a suburban area...but the street next to ours is amazing because it's like walking in the country

it's a gravel road and so many trees around and so peaceful!

My sister came with me and we lasted 30 mins

Really hope I can keep up the motivation to do it everyday


Mo said...

Finding somewhere prety to walk really does help.

My work is near the botanic gardens and i try to go a few times a week at lunchtime. As an added bonus, a fair bit of it is uphill,but has a beautiful view of the harbour

It always helps if it is pretty and cool, nothing like feeling like you are in the middle of bush or country even if you arent!

Nikki P said...

Good for you Alyce, wish my sister was near so we could walk together.

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