Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Optifast is like magic

Disguting, foul tasting magic but still :P

I've been on it for 12 days and have lost 6.3kg (i think about 14lb) already
I'm just about half way
I doubt I could pull another 6kg until surgery though
But my surgeon better be damn proud of me
And I better not have any problems with a "fatty liver"!

I guess it is all going to be worth it in the end though
How much did everyone lose pre-op?


Amaris said...

I've lost about 18 pounds so far, in about two weeks. My doc better be damn proud of me, too, and I'd better not have any fatty liver problems either! I've still got a week to go, so we'll see what the final tally is.

Of course, the doc won't completely realize how much weight I've lost because I managed to gain -- and lose! -- almost 10 pounds in between appointments with him, so to him it will look as though I held steady for several months.

Maria said...

I did Optifast for 4 weeks prior to surgery and lost 16lbs. I was quite thrilled with that, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Good job so far, Alyce!

Epiphany said...

I lost about 9kg I think pre-op. It's such a good boost to start you off.

Keep going, you're doing well!

alycejo said...

Wow you guys did amazingly well pre-op!
Well 2 more weeks until surgery
I'll even be happy with one more kg :)

Seeing in colour said...

Aahahah i gained pre op.... ahahah but i have told you that.... thats cause im an idiot ahahah.

alycejo said...

haha if I had a choice I probably would have put on 10kg pre-op
I'm craving so badly and I know I won't be able to have yummy food for a while :(

Kerri said...

I lost 7 lbs but I also cheated BIG TIME one day on my pre-op diet! Oh well. Great job on the loss!!!

Epiphany said...

I ate 1/2 a pizza a few days before surgery LOL!

alycejo said...

haha seriously?!
Oh man I am craving pizza big time!
Did you have any problems with your liver when you went into surgery?

DiZneDiVa said...

I lost 15.6 pounds in 12 days on the Optifast 800 pre-op diet and no complications! I wish I could have been on it longer but I was scheduled quickly and needed to start right away. I didn't mind the taste of the chocolate... sorta like yoohoo. The vanilla was not so good and I didn't try the strawberry. Did you try strawberry? *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at

Epiphany said...

No problems at all. I just decided I knew it would be a LONG time until I could eat pizza so had a "going away" party. LOL! I made sure I did it a few days before so he couldn't see pizza triangles in my belly ROFL!!!

I hated the vanilla too, ick. Coffee and strawberry were the best. You can also par-freeze them and eat them with a spoon if you're sick of drinking stuff. My surgeon also told me I could have any 3 Optifast things per day (plus my cup of vegies) so that included the bars and soups etc. As long as I only had the max of 3 Optifast things and one cup of vegies per day, nothing else, it was fine. Not sure what you've been told though.

alycejo said...

The strawberry ones were amazing!
I can stand the chocolate and vanilla ones but they aren't the best
I'm living on the berry bars and strawberry shakes, diet jelly/jello and 2 cups of veggies

J said...

I didn't have a liquid pre-op diet (except for the clears 24 hours before). Mine was a high-protein, low-carb, low-fat thing for 2 weeks beforehand.

I had already been following a slightly modified version of it since January, so my 2-week-previous loss wasn't too significant. But my loss for the whole duration was pretty sweet --- 44 pounds from Jan to June!

I kind of envy the rapid loss from the liquid diets, even though I know they're rough. By the time I had surgery, I felt like I was ready to eat EVERYTHING I'd given up the previous 6 months. At once. hehehhe

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