Sunday, July 11, 2010

My new love!

Hi everyone :D
Hope you are all doing well!

Last night/early this morning my sister and I went to pick up mum and dad from the airport
8 weeks away is a very long time and I missed them so much
especially my dad...I'm very much a daddy's girl :P

So we got home at about 3am but were so eager to see what they had brought back for us

Relatives in Malta like sending us back alot of junk...
but this time all the gifts were actually really great
we got alot of money, a nice purse and some little trinkets

I didn't want mum and dad to buy me much from there, but I knew they would be stopping in Dubai so I asked them for a black bag that I could take to uni

They bought me the most awesome Jimmy Choo bag ever!!
It's fake of course...but it looks 100% real, and I LOVE it!!
It's the best, I'm going to guard it with my life!

and last night was the first time that mum acknowledged the surgery and actually had good things to say about my decision
She's not all that happy that I want to go under the knife, but she knows how depressed this weight has made me and she knows it will make me happy
So she told me that she wanted to buy me alot of clothes but she knows that I will lose weight and won't be able to fit into them anymore.
That meant alot because she actually has hope that I will succeed. She's never said anything like that before any other "diet" I've tried.

Well today is a beautiful day outside...the sun is actually shining for the first time in a while!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Kerri said...

I am definitely not a "purse person" but that bag is really cute! Glad your mum is coming around to the idea of the surgery. It is important to have the support! Enjoy your day as it is night here!

alycejo said...

oh don't worry me neither!
I just needed a bag I could take to university that didn't make me look like I lived on the street :P
Mum doesn't really have great taste when she buys us things...but I love this bag!

DiZneDiVa said...

Wonderful purse... I am glad your mom is coming around. It is great to have support from your family. *Maria*-from "This one time at Band Camp..." Check out my blog at

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