Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quick update!

So I've been on pre-op for a week
Lost 3.5 kg...but haven't lost anything in about 3 days
It's so frustrating because I'm always starving and I'm making sure I drink my 2l of water a day
What more do I need to do?!!!


Epiphany said...

Keep going, the pre-op diet is HARD (harder than after surgery) but worthwhile to get you started and in better shape for surgery.

DiZneDiVa said...

Well, I remember that the pre-op diet was tortureous but when I went into surgery I was thrilled that I had lost 14.6 pounds in 12 days and my liver, stomach, etc was all shrunk up and ready for a safe complication-free surgery... So it really was worth it. Before you know it, it will be over and you will be banded. Good Luck!*Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..." Check out my blog at

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