Monday, July 19, 2010

Day two

Lost 1.7kg
Hunger pains got bad towards the end of the night
But I kept thinking about how successful all of you have been and I want that too so I stayed strong!
Let's hope it gets easier from here


Seeing in colour said...

YAY! 1.7kg... rock n roll!
Im jealous... i havent lost anything for nearly over a week now ahahah im slowly going insane... but i do need to tell myself that loosing 17kilos in just over a month is huge ahahahaah.

Hey i still have crabby days.... last night at like 9pm i had a wholemeal muffin with peanut butter on top because i couldnt resist... i still struggle.

Im super proud of you... 1.7kg is HUGEEEEEE keep that going girl!!!!

alycejo said...

aww thankyou!
Seeing that 1.7 has kept me going today
I'm fighting hunger pains but I know I can do it
Just lots and lots of water

17 kg in a month is amazing! Go you!
I guess I have to also keep reminding myself that it's only water weight and I'm basically starving myself with optifast so It is most likely going to be a slower process once I get the band

Thankyou so much for your support by the way!!

Amaris said...

I've been on my pre-op diet for six days (today is day seven). At first it was really easy, but now, it's becoming more of a problem. Hopefully, I can stay busy enough that it will make the diet easier. I think that was the key the first few days.

You're losing, that's the important thing. Just think about your liver!

alycejo said...

Hi Amaris
Well this is day 3 and I'm trying to keep strong
but last night I woke up at 4am STARVING! Didn't give in though, which I'm proud about :)

But it is getting harder for me to try and have all my optifast shakes. As much as I may be starving for something, just the thought of optifast is making me sick :(

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