Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day one

I apologise in advance for all my blog posts for the next few weeks...It's just an exciting time for me :D

So today is day one of my pre-op diet
I've already made my jelly and have my optifast chocolate dessert in the fridge
Today I'm having a strawberry shake, chocolate shake, roast veggies from last night and for dessert chocolate optifast and diet jelly.
Oh and my 2 litres of water!

Doesn't seem like much and I'm scared I'll get really hungry later on
So I'm going to divided up the chocolate dessert and jelly and put them into little cups and have them throughout the day
and I'm going to half each of the shakes and just have smaller glasses when i'm hungry

It seems like that could work
but it's already 10.20am and I haven't had my breakfast yet. I don't really get hungry in the mornings so the later I eat the better...less chance of feeling like my stomach is eating itself!!!

I'll update you tonight on how I went :D


Seeing in colour said...

Goodluck :D

alycejo said...

Well it's nearly 2 o'clock and it's been all good

had half a strawberry shake at about 10.30,
12.30 had the other half
and now I just finished off some alfalfa sprouts with tomato and balsamic. soooo good!
haven't had any hunger pains yet :)

LJ said...

You're on your way!
I found the second day of the preop diet the hardest, but then , I was lucky enough to find that it wasn't all the hard. I could do a week with no great sacrifice.

Thanks for dropping over and saying hi. All the best for the week ahead.

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