Saturday, July 17, 2010

Today is the last day...

Before I am going to completely start my pre-op
yesterday marked 4 weeks before surgery
eeeeeeeeppp im so excited!
Last night I went out to a local club thinking that it would be the last time I'll be having alcohol in a while and I was planning on getting smashed
I had 2 Vodka Raspberries and that was it for me
I used to be able to drink so much, So I guess it's a good thing now that my body rejects it
Tonight mum's making a roast, something we've been waiting for since they left 2 months ago!
I'll keep you updated on how pre-op goes

Have a great weekend guys :)


Seeing in colour said...

Yay 4 weeks... super exciting and im super excited for you... it will be a challenging next couple of months but itll be worth it!

Since i had the band i have made so many changes in my life-
quit smoking
stopped drinking
even deleted facebook ahahaha

and it all feels AWESOME!

Wooo :)

Anonymous said...

Hi love, it's Mel (Sureslim Mel :P) here. I'm rooting for you! Hope you don't find it hard, I don't think I'd have the will power! And make sure to keep me updated via twitter :)

alycejo said...

thanks guys!
I am really excited
I just hope I have the strength to stick to it!!

haha mel I will defs keep everyone posted on twitter :P and LOL at referring yourself to sureslim mel! that was soooo long ago!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Congrats on your upcoming surgery. Don't worry, I still enjoy my glass of wine, you will learn to incorporate what is really important to you into your new healthier lifestyle. Take measurements & before pictures, you will so glad you did even if no ones sees them but you ;)

alycejo said...

ohhh i forgot about measurements!
I will do that now
thanks for reminding me!

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