Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hunger Pains :(

Arrgghh I was doing so well this morning
Now I'm starving
I still have half a dessert and another shake to finish but if I have them now I know I will be starving later on
How do I get rid of them?!!
It's freezing so it is so hard to get all my water in



Seeing in colour said...

Peppermint tea.... coffee..... drink drink drink... it sucks i know :(

Stay strong you can do it!

Ps. buy lollipops and chuck one of those in ur mouth when your dying for something!

alycejo said...

Well I had a single carrot stick and hunger pains begone!

can you buy sugar free lollipops? that's actually a good idea

I've never tried peppermint tea but it seems like alot of people here swear by it! I had a cup of cranberry/raspberry/strawberry good!

Seeing in colour said...

Carrot stick is ok.... cut up some celery and have that too.

You can get sugar free lollipops... i wouldn't be toooo worried about how much sugar is in the lollipops tho. I had Allens lollipops all the time after the surgery.

Peppermint tea is great, give it a go its actually pretty pleasant!

Sam said...

The first couple of days are the hardest, I find hot water is a lot easier to drink at this time, I went through heaps of green mint tea. The heat made me feel fuller.

Just think, this is the last diet you ever have to do.

alycejo said...

ohh your comments give me hope!
and it is so exciting to think that I won't have to "diet" ever again!

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