Thursday, July 22, 2010

I really need reassurance

Argh I hate people who try and scare you out of doing things that you know you need!

I just came across this site and I am now scared as hell to get banded =(

Have a read and please tell me that this is rare and probably won't happen to me! I know people have complications because they already have pre-existing conditions, but it still scares me!

I don't have diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or anything else for that matter. Hopefully the incidents mentioned in the article are 1 in a million


Seeing in colour said...

There are risks with any surgery your partake in.... its like breast implants, you can go and get them and they look kinda ridiculous after or they can look amazing, there are problems associated with breast implants but 100 of thousands of women still get them.

My gilfriend who is looking into getting lap banding as well thinks and worries like you do and i said this to her.. "have you tried all the diets and have they failed? Are you happy with the way you are now and could you keep going on being who you are and be happy?" She answered yes she had tried all the diets and no she doesnt want to be the way she is now for the rest of her life.....
There are always risks but i was willing to have the risks to try and improve my life.

Not sure if this made any sense ahahah

alycejo said...

I know there are
I just hate when people diss lap band just because a friend of a friend of a friend of theirs apparently had complications or died from banding. But then when you ask what the actual problem was they aren't even sure, or the person already had heart problems or other serious illnesses

I know I won't chicken out, but it does play with my mind sometimes because I guess I'm pretty healthy (besides being overweight) and I admit that alot of my reason to lose weight is to look better rather than just be healthy :S

workinprogress said...

One of the reasons I decided to get a lapband was the statistic that 90 - 95% of people who lose weight through diet and exercise alone will regain it within 5 years.

When I spoke to my surgeon I asked him was his success rate is. He told me that in his practice the success rate with the band would be the opposite of that figure - 90 - 95% succeed.

Yes some people will fail - but the odds are on your side now!

DiZneDiVa said...

There are risks with any surgery but the riska of staying overweight are worst than any risk of surgery and the risks of lapbands are the lowest of any weight loss surgery by far. My doctor's success rate is very high and people keeping the weight off is almost 100%. You may not have weight rated medical issues yet but it's best if you get the extra weight off before you get issues. I was overweight with no issues into my 30's but then the issues came one after the other... diabetes, high blood pressure, high-cholestrial, sleep apnea, acid-reflex, etc... after my surgery... I am off all meds, and getting around so much better. You could keep trying different diets and struggle for another 10 years before deciding to get the help you need to get healthy and skinny... or just wait a couple more weeks...and that trip around the world next year with be the adventure of a lifetime. I wish that I did this when I was your age... if I had, I would have led the full-life I was meant to have. My husband and I travel alot and I can tell you that the bigger you get the more baggage you have... in every way. You have your whole life ahead of you, so why wait to have the surgery until you have more regrets and health problems. It is normal to have cold feet but you've done the research and you made the right decision. Diets are made to fail... and I have done 25 years of research on the subject. I could lose weight on my own but always gained it back and then some. The band is a tool to help you lose the weight and keep it off. Would you ask someone to build a house without a hammer? The hammer can't build the house on it's own but It would be almost impossible to build it without it. ^Maria^-Blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..." Check out my blog at

Epiphany said...

Any surgery has risks. That's the way it is. You could be one of the unlucky ones. Or you could be one of the many lucky ones who it has worked for.

In the 5 months I've had it I've lost 26kg, down so far from a size 26 to a size (nearly)18-20.

I have found that of the stories of the lap banding failing people, nearly EVERY time it's been because they cheat it and do the wrong thing. You still have to work at it with the band. It doesn't do it for you, it just helps you.

Best of luck, I'll be following you journey!

Pamela E. Williams said...

I haven't read the article, but I echo the other comments here. There are risks with any surgery, but honey you will get through it with flying colors. I have been through a many surgeries in my lifetime and I'm still here. Trust!!

Kerri said...

I was banded 5/10/10 and can honestly tell you that I think the band is great! I have tried diets in the past and none of them provided long term weight loss. So far I have lost 28 pounds. There will be people in this world that will say negative about anything that you decide to do. You have to trust that this is the best thing for you and that you will work WITH the band to lose the excess weight. Also, you may not have weight related health issues yet, but you are destined to end up with one or more if you continue to be overweight. Our body can't handle it! Best of luck!

Sandy Lee said...

I read some of the link and it seems always to be the stories about "someone they know". Yes with anything there are risks and yes, there have been horror stories about the band. But life is full of risks. You say you don't have any health problems yet. I didn't either until I hit 50 years of age and then it was like my body was attacking me. I had high blood pressure, liver problems, high cholesterol and my blood sugar was going up. So I got the band and after losing 34 pounds my blood sugar is perfectly normal. I will live. Because of the band. And because nothing else worked. Keep reading all our blogs and you will see that there is great success for us bandsters. There are also lots who choose not to use the band as a tool and spend their days drinking high calorie milkshakes and saying it doesn't work. Don't be one of them. If you truly use the band and see your surgeon for fills you will be a success. My band is for life, because there is no way I will ever regain the weight that was killing me.

Amaris said...

I scanned the link, too. There are risks with every surgery; you have to just weigh the odds. For me, it's worth it. I've only met people who are successful, and that's what I choose to focus on. Focus on the positive aspects and you'll be fine.

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