Monday, July 19, 2010

Holy Cow

I feel like a cow right now!
I decided to take some full body photos just for my eyes only
When I looked in the mirror I didn't feel too bad about myself
But the photos were hideous. I don't even recognize myself
I feel disgusting today
At least it's keeping me motivated to stick to this pre-op
I know that once I get the band I am going to work my ass off to get to goal

Just on a side note...
What has been everyone's experience with excess skin?
Mum keeps telling me that the slower I lose the weight the less chance I have of being left with a tonne of saggy skin
I'm not sure how true that is, but that's what I've always thought
I know that weight loss with the band might not be super fast, but alot of you have lost incredible amounts of weight and I'm just curious to see what condition your skin is in


Seeing in colour said...

Dont worry..... i hate photos when im not deliberately taking flattering ones ahahaha.

I have a full body shot my mum took before the surgery..... its NASTY i look liked a bloated fish in it... ill have the balls to post it oneday but not right now.... i think im to vain to post it now.

On the skin notion.... well for me i have nno idea yet.... im praying to the saggy skin gods that i dont have this problem..... being youngish im hoping it will bounce back with drinking lots of water ahahah. Im worried about my stomach, that might struggle a bit but ill try and exercise to keep that under control.

Your young you should have to worry to much and plus they are right if you loose it quickly it migh tbe an issue if its slow it should be ok... im not patient i want the weight off now so knowing me ill have saggy skin issues ahahah :)

alycejo said...

Oh I am definitely not posting these pics until I'm at goal :P
I really admire those who are brave enough to post photos in their bras and undies!

And I am the same as you...I am the most impatient person ever!
But my goal is to lose at least 30kg by May next year. I'm going to live in europe for the summer and it would be my dream to actually feel comfortable at the beach.

Surely I could lose a bit in 9months without losing it too fast

Fingers crossed that I'm not left with horrible bat wings and a stomach flap...I don't think I could go through plastic surgery

Sam said...

I know what you mean. I have photos that my mum took after I loss 20 kilos and I don't think they will see my blog until my goal is in sight!!

As for the skin, I'm trying not to think about it.

Amaris said...

Hubby just took some full body shots of me -- they are definitely not getting posted anywhere at this point!

As to skin, my surgeon says there are several factors: how quickly you loose weight, the overall condition of your skin to begin with, how long you were heavy, genetics, and getting enough protein. Exercise helps the muscle underneath the skin tone, but doesn't really help the skin directly.

Good luck to you!

amandakiska said...

I'm afraid everything is heading south for me. My titties, my stomach, well you get the idea. I've lost pretty fast (29.6 kg. since February). I've has two babies and I look about the same as I did after my first pregnancy. I was at a normal weight then, but had extra skin from the baby. I looked sort of deflated.

It isn't ideal, but I look fine in clothes and not very many people see me naked anyway. I even posted a swim suit shot on my blog today. Check it out and decide for yourself:

onestepbehind88 said...

I know what you mean. I guess because when we're bigger all the photos we take of our self we seem to be going to the effort to make ourselves look better and more flattering, such as no body shots, photos taken high so no double chin etc etc. But then we see normal photos, photos of what we actually look like, and we're a thousand times worse than what we think we look like. Atleast you'll have those photos to look back on. I've lost 20kg so far and wish that I took before photos because I have nothing to really look back on, and I'm barely even seeing a difference in my clothes yet so it's a bit frustrating.

alycejo said...

Mel, 20kg is excellent!! Good work!

I'm glad I took the photos though because it made me realise that I really seriously need to do something about it.

I'm tempted to even print them and post them in my room so every morning I'm reminded of why I need to stick to this!

Caity'sLosinIt said...

Oh I totally relate- when I look in the mirror it doesn't seem that bad but then the pics I take I am horrified at my round face! :)

smentha said...

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