Monday, July 12, 2010

Taking a risk!

Well not so much a risk
but I've decided that I want to do an extra week of the Optifast pre-op diet
This Friday will make it 4 weeks until surgery!
and as much as I dread the optifast, I'm more nervous that my liver isn't going to shrink enough and I'll have to reschedule my surgery
So instead of the 3 week diet i'll be doing it for 4 weeks
I'm off to the chemist now to spend a fortune on this stuff...but hopefully i'll see some results each week so it will motivate me!

What was everyone's experience with their pre-op?
I know i'll be hungry but I start back at university this week so I'll be busy!


Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

I'm following you now! Welcome to the lapband blog community! IT'S A WONDERFUL THING!!!! Pre-op is NOT fun but you it will go by faster than you expect! Oh and don't worry about your liver, I know a lot of people have that worry but I've never heard of anyone actually getting IN surgery and then not being able to do it. I didn't lost 20% of my pre-op weight like my MD wanted me to and he still went ahead w/ the surgery...and now here I am!!! Just do your best! And if you get tired of Optifast, I'd sub in a few different brands, if you plan on doing it for that long! Don't wanna bum yourself out on them!!!

alycejo said...

thanks for following!
yeah im not too worried about my liver too much because as much as im overweight i still eat pretty healthy
and im actually looking forward to optifast!
i've heard people have had some good results with it and im just researching ways to add some variety!

Seeing in colour said...

Hey thanks for adding me as a bloggin friend!
Im so excited for you..... your pictures are gorgeous, when you have the surgery you are going to grow into this beautiful woman that you never knew you could be!

I love optifast choc shakes but was totally over it in the first week..... i am super proud of you for giving it a go earlier on.... stay strong you can do it!

It has its rough days but its super exciting too!

alycejo said...

awww *blushes* :P
this really means alot!
good luck with everything :D

Amaris said...

I just started my pre-op diet yesterday -- without even having a surgery date, so I can really appreciate that you're doing an extra week. My doc didn't set a weight loss goal for me, but he did say four to six weeks on the diet. With my BMI (53), I'm expecting that he'll go closer to six. Good luck to you!

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