Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Answers/Advice please!

So I have a dilemma
i have been 100% perfect on pre-op so far
but now I'm regretting doing it an extra week
I know I can stick to it for the whole four weeks if I put my mind to it
But the surgeon and dietician only advised me to do it for 3 weeks so that means I would have started this Friday
So my question is...Do you think it would be okay to just have whatever I want tomorrow and then start again on Friday?
I'm not craving junk food...all I've wanted these past 3 days is a sandwich with avocado and ricotta (I have no idea why!)

Basically I just want to know how important pre-op is
Like I said, I've been 100% perfect and I know I will be perfect the few weeks before surgery
But surely my liver isn't going to get all fatty after one day?


workinprogress said...

I think if you think you can get back on the 'wagon' go for it. You don't have to start until Friday anyway! I HATED the pre-op diet and I wouldn't have done it for a SINGLE day longer than I had too!!

However - if you think that not following tomorrow will mean that you will find it harder to stick to later - don't do it.

You know yourself best - but there is nothing wrong with starting on the day your doctor advised you to :-)

Seeing in colour said...

I think you should give yourself a break.... its good you have the get up and go to do it earlier but i seriously think its not matter.... you will be on liquids for so long id understand if you gave yourself a couple of days.
I ate so much shit at the end because i didnt have to diet and i gained alot of weight which was horrible and i regret it like crazy but in saying that i got this band for a reason and i dont think itll matter as your probably more disciplined then me!

Ronke143 said...

I ditto workinprogess' comment! Four weeks is a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time sista!

amandakiska said...

Pre-op diets vary radically from surgeon to surgeon. I don't see any reason why you couldn't eat today and tomorrow and start on Friday.

Sandy Lee said...

I agree. Eat something you want and start the pre-op on Friday as suggested by your doc. I too hated pre-op. Just think of what you have done as practice for the pre-op. I actually had a fatty liver and after two weeks of liquids (with a couple of small cheats) I had lost 15 pounds and surgery was fine. Your liver will not fill up with fat in a day. Good luck!

alycejo said...

Thanks guys for all the advice.
I'm still unsure!
Now that I've started (and as much as I hate it) I actually feel guilty having food! Weird hey?!

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