Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The optifast berry bars...

are heaven!!
<3 them. I tried the chocolate ones and I couldn't eat the whole bar at once
They're not horrible, they're just too heavy
So I started cutting them up and having them as lollies throughout the day

but those berry crunch bars are the best!
I'm sure I can live off them for the next month!
plus my shakes

I bought the dessert.
They make a huge portion though!
So I'm going to mix it with some diet jelly and make a few cups worth and have that when I'm hungry

I think I'll be fine
I'm going to survive it!!!


Sam said...

Glad to see you are having a great start to the Optifast.

I never tried the berry ones, I tried the choc ones and didn't like them because they were so heavy; so I just kept to the shakes.

alycejo said...

yeah that was also what i thought
they are okay if i have little bites at a time
but the berry ones are amazing!
i love muesli bars so its good to have something to chew on!

Nikki Pike said...

Hi Alyce,
So glad you found my blog and joined up. I've just joined yours also.
I started my pre-op optifast diet today and I just love the berry bars also. Think I would eat them anyway even if I wasn't on this diet.
Nikki :o)

alycejo said...

no problems, thanks for following :)
how good are they!
oh today I bought the shakes...hope they are delicious!
has anyone tried the cappuccino bars? not sure if i should try them

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