Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello lovely ladies!

Welcome to all my new followers
It's good to know that I'm not on here talking to myself :P

Day 3 of Optifast and 3.2 kg down. I know I shouldn't weight myself everyday but the loss I see on the scales every morning is the only thing keeping me going!
I can already feel that my clothes are a bit more comfortable.

On an unrelated note,
I got the best news this morning and I need to share my good news!
Not sure if I have told any of you, but I am currently in my final year of a Psychology degree (in my honours year) and today I got the mark back for my literature review. My project is looking at the mental health impact of family relationship counselling, and I'm working with a counselling center and comparing client's pre- and post- counselling surveys. So I got a high distinction!! That's the highest you can get! I was so shocked. I never feel confident in my work, even though I have excellent grades. But what surprised me even more was that my supervisor would like me to publish it in an actual (professional) Psychology Journal! I thought only people with years of experience can publish their work!

I'm so so so happy!
I'll let you know when it gets published :)


workinprogress said...

Congratulations - that's impressive (weight loss and getting an HD!)

I always sucked at Research (stats etc) so I am in complete awe :-)

alycejo said...

Thank you!!
Hahaha don't worry I also suck at statistics. Unfortunately that will make up the bulk of my thesis which I'm doing now so it probably won't make it to a HD standard :P

amandakiska said...

So cool! You are impressive!

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