Saturday, August 14, 2010

This darn burp won't come out

and it's hurting bad
I don't want to drink anything just in case it means i'm too full
but it really just feels like gas
Did anyone have this after surgery?
i feel so bloated and uncomfortable =(
it's like a pain in my chest?
is this normal??


Epiphany said...

Yes, they pump you full of air so they can see in there. Just wait till it comes out the other end. ;) LOL!

Seeing in colour said...

Epiphany is right..... it all feels a bit weird and a bit wrong at the start and your wndering whether itrs all normal and trust me it is.

I had huge problems breathing at the start, i thought i had huge complications but i didnt ahha :)

Sam said...

It is all normal. Remember to keep up your water, walk as much as possible and the gas should pass (excuse the pun);P

You are doing really well.

Janelle said...

Yea, totally normal. I was trying to push those burps up for a long time. Here I am over 5 months out and I burp a lot still, but the difference is, I have learned how to get them out better! It's a little frustrating at first, but totally normal.

Nella said...

totally normal..i just walked and walked as much as I could to get the gas moving. They also have Gas-X strips you can buy - they help as well!

Amaris said...

I still occasionally feel a little heaviness in my chest when I lie down at night. It's all normal. You should be fine!

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