Sunday, August 15, 2010


So i'm on a liquid phase for the first 2 weeks
The meal plan says that I can have anything that can pass through a straw
So here's what i've been having:
- water! of course :P
- mum's homemade vegetable soup...blended real well
- watermelon juice...we borrowed a juicer from my aunty...the juice is deliciou but i'm hoping it doesn't have too much bad sugars (even though i didn't add any)
- low fat milk

Today i was craving something 'normal' so i boiled an egg for about a minute and had the runny yolk. it was amazing!
I also made a smoothie with banana, chocolate optifast and yum!

I hope these liquids are okay
i havent had any side effects at all. everything is going down and staying down

the only thing is that i dont feel hungry! im just having something for the sake of getting in some calories

how did you guys cope the first few weeks post-surgery?


DiZneDiVa said...

I didn't feel hungry at all for almost the whole first week. And I had trouble forcing myself to drink all the liquids I was supposed to drink so, I did the best I could... next week will be harder since you will probably start to be very hungry. *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..."

Seeing in colour said...

I had apple juice, optifast, low fat ice cream and lollipops lol

Nikki P said...

Hi Alyce,
I've been away for a few days and missed sending you my congratulations. I'm so very happy for you xxx
In relation to food/ liquids. I also wasn't that hungry for about the first 4 or 5 days, then the hunger set in. Here is some of my liquids that I got to enjoy.
Drinking yoghurt (near choc milks) - good source of protien and thick enough to fill you up. Drink about a bottle over about 1 hour.
Up and go tetra pack (near cereal) good protein but also good fibre, helps with bowel issues, lol. These I kept near the bed at night for when hunger woke me up. They are fine drunk at room temp.
Coles Cream Chicken soup - Found in the cold section near quiche etc. This is really, really yummy. A few serves in it. Good for closer to the end of your 2 weeks cause it has very small shredded chicken. I love this and will now always keep it on hand.
V8 juice. Hate the veg/tomato one but the fruit ones still have one serve of fruit and one serve of veg. I tried to drink a small glass a day and just kept it in the fridge and took sip occasionally.
Hope this helps out.

alycejo said...

thanks nikki
that's really helpful!
mum was going to buy me up and go but she said it had too much sugar?
once i start feeling up to it i might go shopping for myself and get a variety of things

Sandy Lee said...

I too was told liquids were anything I could get through a straw. Mostly I lived on thin pureed soups, milkshakes, V8. I was missing the savoury taste after the weeks of sweet Protein drinks. I wasn't able to drink many Protein drinks but know a lot who did. I just bought a watermelon yesterday. It isn't too bad with sugar as most of it is water. Good luck and glad you are feeling well.

J said...

The protein shakes do get old, but they are a lifesaver as far as getting in what your body needs, and will definitely help you lose weight over this period better than milkshakes or pureed potatoes will.

I got some of the unflavored protein powder from Unjury and added it to chicken stock or pureed soups. Not great, but it did boost the protein considerably. Soy Slender soymilk with vanilla protein powder for a much creamier alternative to the shakes made with water.

Water down 0% greek yogurts and pop 'em in the blender for something more smoothie-like.

I avoided anything that was going to be counterproductive to me making some progress. It wasn't always easy, but worth it to come out ahead at the end of my liquid and mushie stages instead of staying the same or losing ground.

Yes, this time is for healing, but it's also a good time to make some good choices and get a kick-a$$ start on things. :D

Amaris said...

I was also several days out before I started to get hungry. For those days, I ate to keep my energy up and get my nutrition, but that was it. I'm still drinking a protein shake every day an RTD protein drink, too, to make sure I get my protein in. Other than that, it's runny grits or Cream of Chicken soup for me. I bought some other flavors of soup, but haven't tried them yet. Looking forward to soft foods on Thursday.

Oh, one thing! I'm still not hungry most of the time, but if I let myself get hungry, then I tend to get too hungry, if that makes any sense. So, mostly, I'm trying to stick to some kind of schedule about when to eat, so that it doesn't happen that I get too hungry.

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