Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So close now!!

I've started packing a small suitcase as I am staying overnight
I need help!

I bought a travel toiletries pack with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant and body lotion. Oh and I heard that a good lip balm is needed so I've got that too. Bought a new toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste.

Now what?!
Alot of people say I need a nightie...but I prefer loose pants and a button up top. What did you guys take? not sure if I'll be able to bend over to put on pants

Oh and can someone please explain to me the no undies situation?!
I know it's easy access if something happens, but come on!! I'm more nervous about being naked then I am about having the surgery!

Tell me everything about the whole experience! haha


Amaris said...

I was right at the tail end of my period when I had surgery, so I got to keep my panties on. I would not have been allowed to wear my own nightie, so that wasn't an issue. Don't forget to take house shoes or slippers, as you should be up walking A LOT.

Good luck to you! You'll do great. Make sure you have your prescriptions filled before hand, and that you have a stool softener and whatever foods you will need the first few days you are home.

Epiphany said...

Yeah make sure you have some clear fluids at home for those first couple of days.

I had pj's but it's really just a personal preference - although your belly will be sore, so you don't want something that sits on the wounds.

Seeing in colour said...

Ahaha i stayed over night and i didnt shower, nor brush my teeth nor wear a nightie ahahah. I left early the following morning and there wasnt much point showering because i wanted to do that when i got home. I was wearing the surgical gown the whole time i was there and i was wearing undies the whole time too, i got paranoid about them seeing my boobs because i dont have nice boobs lol.

when i got there they basically told me to get changed and fitted me for my socks, when i got back from the surgery i was so knocked out i didnt really know what was goin gon for hours after id come back. At night i couldnt sleep, i think i sleep probably 1 hour, doesnt help they check on you nearly every 30mins. So i stayed up and watched stupid movies on their foxtell network as i couldnt read because i wasnt cleared headed with the medication.

Take all your bits and pieces but dont worry.

I wore trackies and a top home from the hospital with thongs, i didnt find it to hard getting changed. It was all uncomfortable but not that bad. I remember feeling pretty crappy at the start but it gets better each day. The worst is the first Month... pass the first month and you will be fine.
My friend is getting banded by my surgeon next wed the 18th wooo!

workinprogress said...

I was worried about skirts and pants after the surgery - but my incisions are all well above my belly button - so I was fine :-)

As far as undies go - I had little paper ones!! Ask for them if they don't give them to you :-)

Sparkler said...

It will vary depending where you have your surery, but I didn't use most of what I brought in. My most used item was my iPod as I couldn't have had the concentration or energy to read a book or mag. Make sure you have some wind relief tablets of some kind on hand at home as that can be pretty painful.

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