Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nervous Wreck!

Today I got a call from the nurse that will be helping out tomorrow
she was so sweet! I hope she takes really good care of me.
The first thing I asked was about the no undies thing...she said that I can wear my underwear and they generally don't need to take them off at all

So admission is 8.15am
I'm so scared!
I'll probably cry when I'm saying bye to dad
Mum and my sister aren't coming to the hospital...they hate them!
They'll be visiting in the afternoon and so will my best friend and her mum

I'm actually kind of excited to just have a good rest
I've worked a 40hr week...which I am not used to, so It's good to have some kind of excuse to sleep

I work at a medical clinic and today a patient came in who got banded on the 4th of this month. She had really really bad shoulder pain..still!!
I hope mine isn't that bad! She got banded by the same surgeon as me, and she had no complaints at all. She said everything went great and the only pain she had was the gas/shoulder pain

Fingers crossed everything goes well!
I'll see you all on the other side :P


Seeing in colour said...

Honestly my biggest advice would be have as little people at the hospital, after i came out of the surgery i was so out of whack until like 12am it was crazy... my friend came and saw me in hospital an di barely remember seeing her, i didnt invite her she just found my room and came over which was incredibly sweet but i felt bad because i didnt have the energy to talk or anything.

Trust me.... id only have maybe your dad there :) but we are all different i guess :)

Dont be scared it all happens super quick.

alycejo said...

thanks doll
yeah i didn't really invite them but they were coming past to go to the shopping center nearby so they're only going to be there for about 15 mins just to see i'm okay

Thanks :)

Sandy Lee said...

A heating pad helps with the shoulder pain. Also walking around alot and taking the pain meds. You'll do great. See you on the other side!

J said...

Walking helps with all of it, IMO. I felt so much better on days when I managed to get a walk in first thing in the morning!

It does happen super-quick! I was terrified before my surgery, but once they're wheeling you back, you probably have only a couple minutes of conciousness left... then the next thing you know, you're in recovery and it's all done!

I got to wear my underwear (and PANTS!!) all the way up until the surgery itself. In fact, one of the last things I remember is them taking them off in the OR right before I went out for the count. LOL
I was glad I got to wear it up until that point -- after that it wasn't going to worry me because I wasn't going to be awake anyways. And medical staff sees all kinds of bodies, most of them in worse shape than me and my pudge. ;D

Epiphany said...

I didn't get ANY shoulder pain, you could be lucky like me!!

Good luck with it, see you on the band side!!!

Amaris said...

Hope you have as easy of a time as I've had. I still have bit of heaviness in my chest from time to time, but that's about it. I have never known where my incisions are, unless I look in the mirror or lift my shirt to look at them -- they've just never hurt one iota. My shoulder pain as been minimal, too.

You'll do great! I'll be thinking about you! Drop us a post to let us know that you are okay when you feel like it.

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