Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not doing well

I've gained and I know why
Too much shit, no water and no exercise

I'm going for a fill next wednesday so I'm going to try a shake diet this week and lose a bit of the weight I've gained by my doctor is still going to be disappointed in me as much as I'm disappointed in myself

I have, however, discovered the joys of Quinoa and it is amazing
So delicious and such a better alternative to rice
If anyone has any quinoa recipes please send them my way!!
Hopefully it's as good for our health as people are claiming because I've been eating it every single day!


Kristin50 said...

Do not get discouraged my dear, you have realized what is happening and are trying to change it that is HUGE!

This is a life long change and there are many things that can get it in the way, do not lose sight of your goal.

Just get back on the Band Wagon and keep going!

We are here for you!

Anonymous said...

You are still looking AH-mazing Alyce!!!

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