Monday, November 28, 2011

No loss but still working hard

This week I have really worked hard to lose some weight
I've worked out 4-5 times this week and it's still not showing on the scale
I'm hoping that it's all because it's that TOM
I have maintained the same weight all week and it's frustrating!
I'm not giving up though. I'm walking every day and doing weight training at home and I will be attending boot camp on saturday despite how painful it is!
I still feel that I need to get another band adjustment but I may wait it out until after christmas
I want to prove to myself that with self control and exercise I can lose this weight without having to constantly rely on my band
I'm going back to basics...chew chew chew, slow slow slow!

So as of today I am back to 92kg
In Europe the scale told me I was at 84kg...I don't feel like I have put on 10 effing kilos! My clothes still feel absolutely fine so I'm just hoping the scale was wrong!
I'm going to try and remember to post my weight every Monday


Sam said...

This can be one of the problems with exercise. Keep at it and you wll start to loss again. Take your measurements you will find that they have changed and don't give up :o)

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