Friday, November 18, 2011

Stressful couple of weeks

I've been rather quiet lately and I apologise, but I have had the busiest and most stressful few weeks in my life

On the 11/11/11 my grandmother passed away
She was 92 and the strongest woman I know
The funeral was yesterday and for the past few days I have not even took notice of what I was eating and I have gained about 5kgs in the last month
I know it's not an excuse, but she was in hospital for the past four weeks and we had been staying at the hospital for days on end so vending machine junk was our only option!
It's a pity that hospitals don't offer healthy food options for visitors!

Some good news though...I have a new job!
I started working for the Mental Illness Fellowship on Monday and it's very different from my past jobs
I haven't done much yet but hopefully after christmas things will pick up

On the band front...I went for another fill yesterday
Since my unfill and slight refill I have not felt any restriction
I currently have about 2cc in my band now and I'm starting to feel some restriction and fullness
I'm trying to stick to liquids and softs and I've been feeling full on a small bowl of soup so that's a good sign!
Hopefully my weight starts dropping again soon!


Kristin50 said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother, I am sure it has been a really emotional time for you. I also hope that the fill starts working very soon to help with your portion sizes.

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