Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Searching for inspiration

Lately I've been watching alot of The Biggest Loser re-runs to get motivated
It's made me feel a little guilty about the fact that I have barely done any exercise and am still managing to lose weight
But I know I can't keep it up much longer
Seeing how hard the contestants work is making me realise how important exercise is
I seriously need someone to scare me, provoke me, push me to work hard
I think I need my own Jillian Michaels!
Sure I can jump on a treadmill, but I'll be walking at a very moderate pace for a much shorter time than I should be doing

How do you guys get motivated to move?
Who motivates you to work hard?

Oh an on a side note...
Have any of you turned slightly vegetarian since getting banded?
The thought of chicken or meat sickens me
I haven't had good experiences with chicken or red meat since banding
They are the kinds of foods that get me stuck no matter how small of a bite or how well I chew

What are you experiences?
Does it get easier to eat these foods again?


Outback Bandit said...

What about some group exercise classes? I used to love Pump.

alycejo said...

I would love to go to the gym or even do classes but I am trying my hardest to save as much money as I can before I go to Europe!

-Grace- said...

I like to find fun things that don't feel like working out. My favorite is going for walks with people I care about. That way the talking passes the time!

Sandy Lee said...

I find I need a sauce or something to help the chicken go down. I made a turkey pot pie last night (no crust, just biscuits) and it went down well. I also make a great fish in cream sauce. Try some black beans-chili-burritos. They are really good and high in protein.

Blossom said...

Honestly, for me it depends on the day! I know that's not helpful, lol!

Amanda said...

Jillian runs a 12 week online challenge..... I can't remember what it's called, but if you google it you should find it. That might be the motivation you need!

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